tiny little happy things

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Best cat ever !! + sunny studio filled with plants & blooms // very inexpensive miniature roses // more windowsill gardening with flowering plants (roses and geraniums) // peach and hot pink geranium blossoms.

For in the dew of little things 
the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
Khalil Gibran

Often it's the smallest things in life that can bring the most happiness, It's important to take notice of the things that make us feel inordinately happy in our day to day life. My current top 5 tiny, little happy things

1. Cats - specifically this amazing companion cat - Oliver. He's 12 this year (yikes) and he's been with me through so much struggle and change and sadness and goodness. He's my constant companion and I'm crazy about him.

2. Geraniums - if you have a sunny window sill you can have colourful blooms all year round. Geraniums are super easy to care for and recently come in a huge variety of colours.

3. Books - taking me and my anxious, busy mind on an adventure to someone else's life, location and story is very soothing and makes me happy. A good big, fat novel at bedtime is a must for me.

4. Fresh sheets - on my bed, bonus points if they've been hung on the line in fresh air and sunshine and/or are cozy, soft brushed cotton flannel (perfect in Nova Scotia winters). Seriously ... I feel incredibly excited at bedtime when I know I'm about to crawl into a freshly made nest bed with my latest good book.

5. Cups of tea - good old orange pekoe black tea in my favourite mug. Each steamy mugful feels like a hug.

Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear what some of your favourite tiny little happy things are ;-)


  1. your beautiful flowers encourage me that spring is coming soon... love your new profile pic. Oliver, lovely boy.
    4.playing musical instruments
    5.playing scrabble on the computer

    1. Thanks so much for playing along ! Your list of little tiny happy things is lovely and much like my own.

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have been to this space since your hiatus. I would hope that maybe you had decided to share some of your thoughtful words again. I would still go back and peruse all the old post occasionally. It would remind me of where I was at the time too. It's been too long. Welcome back my friend! :)

    1. Awww, thank you ! that's such a nice thing to say and gives me such inspiration and motivation to find my way back to writing here. It's like I've suddenly become shy or quite self conscious about the kind of honest, open writing I used to do and that I want this book to be all about. This 2x a week (at least) blogging will be a huge help in finding that voice again ... I've just misplaced her ;-) It's good to know I have you cheering me on. xoxo Susan

  3. Cats, especially little Gracie.
    The magnolia tree outside my home office window.
    Using my mother’s old Belleek bowl for my breakfast cereal.
    Yes, of course, tea—first thing in the morning, with milk. Later in the day, without.
    Charming old books that speak of peace and order, not mayhem.

    I'm glad you are back too--and happy to hear how well things are going.

  4. Another lovely and very evocative list of tiny, little happy things. It is a secret to a happy life to sprinkle our days with these special moments. I'm glad to be back xoxo

  5. Ahhh, the tiny things that make a big impact on one's day. Doggie dearest, Gracie. Ancient, smelly, cat, Marco Polo (somewhere around 18-20 yrs old). The sunlight through my tall windows this time of year. Books (I am most of the way through Jan Karon's Mitford series for the second time). My sewing room. 😘

  6. Hey Thanks for joining in my friend ! Another perfect list of tiny, little happy things. Much love to Gracie & Marco Polo - pets are always on the happy list xoxox


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