like a lion

Monday, March 18, 2013

so very photogenic, Oliver / flurries / spectacular early morning explorer pals Bee & Juice / Bleet / little Redpoll* / thai beef salad with orange instead of lime / Miss Winnie Dixon / collage in process / beautiful Bella, beautiful blue / choosing a colour palette - green

bitter ... no, thankfully not that kind
bitter ... windchill, cold, frigid bitter .... brrrr bitter
March is in like a lion in these parts - cold, windy, lots of snow in our forecast

Seems lately I've always gotta a zillion little projects on the go, sometimes it feels like too many, but Hey ! I have a darn Creative Empire to build and build it I will - project by little project - but ... Yo ! I'm actually not that busy ;-)

Reading 2 fantastic books currently the first recommended by MLou - What Happy People Know, it's an amazing look at the power of positive thinking - I'm giving it 5 stars without hesitation. It's one of those self help books I think to myself I better buy this one so I can read it over & over & over again. Also reading a real page turner, great bedtime  fiction Tigers in Red Weather

A note to commenters we are being inundated with junk comments quite suddenly after 5+ completely spam free years, well those glory days appear to be over. It's a drag, it makes me sad, it makes me want to leave Blogger ... in the dust and perhaps I will but I promise I will bring you with me. In an effort to reduce comment housekeeping & for efficiency's sake I am no longer accepting anonymous comments, I know there are a few of you Anons who comment here regularly n. & Kitty are two that come instantly to mind. I'm hoping you'll not mind creating an identity (google, open id or otherwise). We love your comments, we just can't handle the incredible volume of spam to sort through several times a day - my apologies. I have taken comment moderation OFF let's see how this works.

* this little Redpoll hit the window and died instantly, I suspect of a broken neck - such a gorgeous tiny creature


  1. Such a beautiful little bird. I'm so sorry it died.

  2. I'm sorry for the trouble with comments. I have had some complaints above Blogger myself, but not that particular one (yet). If you leave, please take me along. Personally, I don't know how to use anything else.

  3. People seem to be able to do more cool stuff with Wordpress, and there seems to be more of a community feel to Wordpress. If you do go, I'll be wanting to learn from you how to do it.

  4. Poor little Redpole, great photo though! Good luck on the new site, sounds like it will be up before ours, it is a HUGE task, eh?
    Tail wags ... ~moose

  5. Ahh! I hear you about the spammy comments! I get so many lately and I had next to none before!

  6. Poor little bird, so sad that it died.
    Beautiful photos of your cats and Winnie, I love the greens in the palette you are choosing.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Regarding spam comments, I have had to remove the 'anonymous' option from my comments, I was receiving around 100 anonymous comments daily and most were reaching my blog posts. So annoying having to delete them, some of my family and friends comment anonymously as they don't have blogs, I might try comment moderation for a while.
    Bleet is beautiful, I have a black cat and two tabbies very similar to yours.

    xoxoxo ♡

  8. I rush outside anytime I hear a thump against the window (which isn't often thankfully) and most times the birds are just stunned and I sit them somewhere safe and let them be and eventually they fly off.

    This little guy was dead instantly & yes very sad but would have been so much worse had I thought he (or she) was suffering.

    Removing the "anonymous" comments has been fantastic - no more spam - hooray !! I hope my few readers who are Anons will sign up with google or open id ... 'cause we sure will miss their comments.

  9. Interested to hear about the anonymous comments thing is the trigger. I get my comments into my in-box and have to approve them there and publish them. Must have had ten spam messages today.


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