cat in a box

Friday, March 28, 2014

scenes from my rousing everyday game of Cat in a Box with my best dude Oliver - Play + Creativity = Innovation ;-)

the best way out
is always through
Robert Frost

& Hey !! 3 of my greeting cards with Madison Park Greetings have been nominated for Louie awards - Woo ! Hoo ! Kind of like the Acadamy Awards of the greeting card industry - check out my nominated designs here


  1. That is wonderful. Big Congratulations!!! Love the cat in the box. Ms. Gracie was in one this week. I never have understood their fascination for boxes, but they do love them!!

  2. Fantastic news about the award nominations. I like all three cards, but especially the third one.

  3. Well done! (Not been leaving comments anywhere recently due to computer problems!) You deserve this, you've worked so hard.

  4. Congratulations dear Susan, wonderful news, you work so hard, I hope you win.
    Cats and boxes, so much fun for them.
    Gorgeous photos of Oliver, he is so handsome.
    Love to all!
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Let me say it again: "WOOT !".

    Did I ever tell you that YOU ROCK ?

  6. I would give big $$$ to have a cat that does something as fun as sitting in a box!!! ...or even wanting to check out a paper bag. Best of luck at the awards...I see a winner, truly!
    Woof ~moose
    PS... do you collect refrigerator boxes?!


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