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Friday, January 6, 2017

A-28 / a study in orange / wild at heart / a study in pink / the red vase / A-28 (early layers)

In December I participated in a local group art show at The Mahone Bay Centre called "One Size Fits All". Each artist could purchase up to 5 - 6x6 inch wooden panels as the registration fee for the show. It was an open call for submissions with 70 artists submitting 250 works of art (6X6 inches). All priced between $50 and $150 sales exceeded $10,000 with artists getting 100% of sales. $1000 was raised for the Mahone Bay Centre through the modest registration fee. The project was a great example of how funds can be raised without asking artists to donate their work or even a percentage of sales. The top 5 images above are my submissions to the show (the bottom image is an earlier version of what eventually became the top image A-28).

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  1. Hi Susan dear, so lovely to see you back here at 29 black street, I have missed your daily posts on your life in Nova Scotia, great quotes and images of your beautiful art, photos of your garden and your beautiful Oliver, Virgil, Betty and Sam. Love your paintings above especially a study in orange, a study in pink and the red vase. ♥️


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