almost perfect

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more snippets from the last few days

I'm feeling almost perfect.

Perfect ... that word I shouldn't use. Should. Shouldn't. Shouldn't use those words either. I feel happy. I feel tres creative. I feel content and safe. I feel very hopeful and alive. The only thing that's stopping me from feeling completely over the moon and on top of my world is a niggling sadness and concern about my best girl Dee. She suddenly, or so it seems to me anyway, these last few weeks is seeming so much older. She's sleeping more and it's that deep, sound, senior dog sleep. Snoring away in her bed under the teak topped desk. She's behaving like a dog who's in her 12th year. How dare she ?

I do love the cowboy. And in a way, deep and strong, I really hadn't thought possible. But it's still no match for the love I feel and have felt for my dogs. Dog love ... now that is perfect.


  1. how dare they age? senior sleep...does it include the little snuffle barks and the running feet..rabbit on the run? lovely pictures...similar to my choices for yesterday -sweet peas, ferns unfurling. I didnt add a dog pic though. Loved yours in a field of green. happy day!

  2. I can take the senior sleep. My heart breaks at the Senior aimless wandering.

  3. Every day you have her is a blessing. If only they would never grow old. I pray for her good health. I suppose you read all about Angus' loss of Digby! Hearbreaking! Winnie is still here and that is good...we celebrate those gifts. You are all in my thoughts, as always.

  4. Love that Miss D.
    And I love your luscious photographs.

  5. Well, as long as cowboy is OK with that. Oh, poor old D. Just keep loving her as you do. Love these photos of the flowers, btw.


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