Sunday, May 9, 2010

bbhb - beautiful brown hound Bess

I distinctly remember dreaming and fantasizing, wishing and praying often about my Prince Charming (Handy). He would appear at 29 Black Street out of the morning mist with the scrunching sound of tires on gravel, a pick up truck would pull into our driveway. A truck loaded with tools especially those of the chopping taming variety. I would be dozing in the noon day sun, lying in my spot on the lawn, lying in the grass - long and needing to be mowed. I would be wearing my princess outfit of summer weight fleece and denim, Birkenstocks or maybe Keen all terrain shoes ... just lying there staring up at the blue sky and the clouds floating by. Lying there endlessly waiting to be rescued, hoping someone might notice me.

He* is incredible. He is every tiny little thing I've ever wanted or asked for and I love him madly to boot. He's making a little pond in our already swampy huge fenced in back dog yard. A petite habitat for the red winged black birds that are already hangin' around. He's transplanted cattails he dug from a ditch and today he'll move irises from the back garden (where they've never bloomed) to a spot near the little pond. He's carted wheelbarrows full of top soil to fill most of the swamp and he's mowed and mowed what was previously a nettle and thistle filled hayfield instead of a yard. He's turning this gigantic double lot into the park like property, filled with nature, that I've always dreamed of. And best of all he's having an absolute ball doing it and I'm having my own fun - planting and weeding and planting some more ... seeds of goodness.

* yeah him ! you know who I'm talking about the Prince of All Things Good


  1. Such a grand and beautiful story! He is truly a Prince Charming.

  2. Ha, I laughed out loud at the summer-weight fleece!

  3. Just found your blog. Enjoying your posts and reading about your Nova Scotia life. Love your animals!

  4. You are the best photographer ever!
    Benny & Lily

  5. Domestic Bliss, I think it's called.......

  6. BWHAHAHHAHAHAH. What a great picture of Bess. She is one intense hound.

    How bad do I want to sit on that porch with a cold beverage and just chat, maybe with a nibble or two. (heart healthy, of course)

  7. Uh Huh !!! Intense is not even the word. Ya want a brown hound ? she's goin' cheap
    (I kid of course).

    B ! Shamu ! come for a visit ! ... come, sit on that porch we'd LOVE to have you visit. I could give you your freakin' so-late-it's-unbelievably-embarrassing parcel to you LIVE and in person !! xo S & les Gang

  8. Just found your blog via As The Blackbird Flies - what amazing photographs and comments. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Best wishes

  9. A feast of photos here Susan - all beautiful - thank you.


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