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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just a little bit of poppy love .... sighing -love, love, L-O-V-E

keep your love of nature
for that is the true way

to understand art more and more

Vincent van Gogh

Hey Missy Bohemian Path Tarotscope gal ! you've been peering into my mind again ... merci !!
I feel so lost even with my fistful of maps but I'll take a breath or two & keep waitin' on the Sun

the tarot card pulled for Cancer's this week beginning June 27th - the Moon

This card signals a period of Not Knowing. It’s just a phase, but for now, things aren’t what they seem. It’s hard to find your bearings in the dark, so slow down. Take a breath – or three. Let go of any expectations for the moment, let go of a need to control or master this changeable situation. Don’t fight the current, flow with it. This is a Yin time, your intuition is a better guide then your senses will be. Know that even common, everyday things appear strange (even scary!) when distorted as they are by shadow. Things will return to their normal shape under the light of the sun…and do trust that the sun will rise again.

It's just a phase ?? are ya sure ??
You have no idea how comforting it is to read this ... over & over & over again.

oh my ! watch out ... and my other favourite 'scope says ...


  1. You don't know how freaking funny this is. You will soon, but right now? I am snorting.

  2. Hmmmmmm ... you're up to something good aren't ya ?? or should I say bad ??

  3. First, Shamy's always up to something. You must post when you find out what it is this time. Ha.

    Second, here's mine, this time from Rob Brezsny to the wubbulous world of the Libra: "In the coming months, it's likely you will experience more action than usual -- some of it quite expansive -- in your astrological eighth house. Traditional astrologers call this the sphere of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but I refer to it as the realm of deep connection, altered states of awareness, and lyrical interludes that educate and enrich your emotional intelligence. Are you ready to have your habit mind rewired, your certainties reworked, and your pleasures reconfigured?"

    Can I just say HELLYEAH!!??

  4. MS checking out Rob now ...merci !

  5. I liked him better than Taroscopes for Libra this week. Heh.


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