me, my ego, a plate ...

Friday, June 14, 2013

4 of my botanical collages cropped to plate size, first colour sketches, 4 more line drawings & finally a sad attempt at painting

me, my ego, a decorative plate and a mighty large roller coaster of emotion

Lilla Roger's - fab ecourse Make Art That Sells Week 2 - home decor, specifically decorative plates such as the gorgeousity that you'd find (& covet) at Anthropologie, purveyors of all things cool & hippest. Like this beauty by Michelle Morin  her Etsy shop United Thread has been a favourite of mine for ages  - good for her WOW ! landing Anthropologie, everyone's dream customer... well they sure are one of mine anyway. Deadline for brand new (no I can't use older work) plate design Sunday 5pm EST. Phew !! The funny thing is that I do know without a doubt that I CAN do this, that I can create something that I will feel proud of, a plate design that I will feel I've given my absolute best effort to, with wild abandon & creativity, with an innovative colour palette, lots of interesting details & little extras but ... it hasn't happened yet ... so I'm riding the roller coaster that is creativity. Up, down, completely stopped (paralyzed) at the tippy top & most scariest place on that roller coaster, the place called indecision, plummeting down again sigh - 2 days left and I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I remind myself that YES I do know know what I'm doing, I've felt this way a billion times before, everything's gonna be OK - just get crackin'

It's been fun posting my class progress here ... any ?? please leave them in the comments & stay tuned for the final plate ?!?

 ps - the motif for this project is seed heads/pods and/or succulents - yahuh & I love me some seed heads ;-)


  1. i'm sure you'll create something marvelous as everything you do... succulents, mix of greens, purples, grey and yellow tones (as the two last in the image)... you go girl!

  2. I'm really likin' the yellow and pink combination in the last one and yellow is this season's colour... I need more bright energy in my kitchen. It is the one place that absolutely refuses to budge in all my clutter-busting schemes. I have to go about it in a roundabout way, starting with about an hour's cleaning in some other spot and then spring on it... and it still doesn't get clean or lasts for only a day. Maybe I need to find one gorgeous big plate or bowl that inspires me to look at it and then have that be the only thing on my counter? Ooo, I think we may be onto something here....

    Good luck breaking through. Sometimes going for a walk helps me. (Because you know your self-consciousness is working on it, you just have to get out of the way and wait for it to percoalate up.)

  3. I think they're all wonderful and can immediately see them as a series of plates. I'd buy the 4 top ones in a heartbeat! Go Susan!

  4. Beautiful. It's really interesting to see the process and the progress. There's plenty of that! The line drawings are wonderful and so different from those coloured and painted, though I like the painting too, gorgeous colour. I agree with mbi, step away from it for a while, and come back with a slightly different perspective.


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