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Saturday, August 3, 2013

amazing colour - cockscomb celosia argentea / our sweet Sam / a tidy desk avec fleurs / walkin' with my girl Winnie / can't remember what these are but love the pink / studio mate Oliver & basil tree plant gone wild / salad fixins / ever dramatic Virgil / impatience / gorgeous green grass / the best kind of clouds taken from the crescent beach / alpine poppy / creative director conceptualizing / another view of les tidy desk / I ♡ puddles 

worry is a prayer to chaos
Gabrielle Bernstein

making the bed each morning
colossal stuffed green olives - sliced in my salads
chocolate, banana, soy milk, Greek yogurt smoothie (recipe follows)
a tidy organized desk & office
power walking to the sound of waves (back & forth the length of the crescent beach)
David Sedaris omg ! so funny you'll snort - listen (twice) to the excellent interview with Jian @ cbc.ca/q
practicing self love & compassion
the breeze blowing in all our open windows
ice tea with Splenda & lemon
all the amazing shades of green this time of year
itty bitty Betty - she has such a big personality
sitting in our fenced in lush forest like backyard with the dogs, a tall glass of ice tea & my journal
Pema Chodron - she cracks me up and makes me feel such unbelievable comfort
tenderness (treating myself with)
Gabrielle Bernstein - she rocks ! she really does (here with Danielle LaPorte who also rocks)
bbq cheeseburgers with the works on romaine lettuce leaf buns - so good !
my journal - what comes out of my pen and onto paper is constant & ever evolving wonder to me
breathing into fear - unbelievable
planning, dreaming + scheming goals & dreams for the remainder of this year (5 months to go)
this amazing & fascinating lecture about Willpower by Kelly McGonical (check out the entire Google author series)
focusing on the good, the beauty, the love & the positive
watching tv show MasterChef on my computer while I work, I have quite a crush on Joe Bastianich, so crabby he's sweet

banana soy smoothie
1.5 cups of plain soy milk
3 ice cubes
cocoa 2 tbsp (or to taste)
1 banana
1/4-1/2 cup of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt
splenda or stevia to taste (2 heaping tsp)

* optional 2 tbsp peanut butter - sounds weird but is delicious & adds more protein

whir in a blender until smooth pour in a large glass over more ice - yum


  1. Hmmm. Must find spot in garden for an astilbe patch. Liking that Mediterranean, Greek, Southwestern, no lettuce salad thing you have going. Snorted at that photo of Gus putting the lovin' on that dresser.

    All kinds of good ideas here. You are inspiring!

  2. hey John,

    That Gussie (or Virgil as we often call him) - eye roll ;-)

    and that salad sometimes gets lettuce added at the end and the dressing I mix up in the bottom of the bowl first - it's yummy (equal parts apple cider vinegar & olive oil, 1/2 tsp or so brown sugar, big glop of best dijon, minced large clove of garlic, S & P) mix together with a whisk and then add veggies etc. on top & toss) we often have this for dinner with bbq salmon, chicken, shrimp or steak.

    les dinner salad it's a good thing xo s + gang

  3. ps that top photo is actually an annual called cockscomb, looks a lot like astible - I love it


  4. try switching maple syrop for the brown sugar ...

  5. Gorgeous images from your world dear Susan, lovely flowers,skies,puddles, food and recipes.
    I especially enjoyed the photos of the dogs, cats and the photo of Virgil, he looks so cute, cats sure do know how to relax.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. "Self Portrait of the Artist with her Cat" - love it!

  7. Thanks for the info on cockscomb, will look for it next year.


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