dear discipline

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Virgil snoozin' on orange Mama as the sun sets on the other side of the harbour / windowsill gardening - my Virginia Creeper cuttings are beginning to sprout + still waiting' on my avocado pits but I'm determined / Oliver chillaxin' on the printer cover cat pillow / Virg atop the penthouse / geranium blossom in winter / creative director / lunch at my desk - tuna melt, avocado & hot mixed pickled veggies / gasp ! the most handsome cat ever !!

The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.

Barry Werner

Dear Discipline,

I would like you to come for a visit, your room is ready and waiting. I need you, the time is right. I have so much I want to do, so many important things I want to tackle and in so many areas of my life. I find myself spinning my wheels too often - wasting time, sucked into my one & only device (my iMac) and the evil, wonderful internet. I get so hung up on comparing myself to other illustrators/artists which leads to feelings of insecurity and envy which stops me dead in my tracks. I love blogging here and at my portfolio blog, I have a website, an Etsy shop, a near fanatical Pinterest collection but do I need to be on Facebook too ? Facebook makes me feel even more insecure !?! I can't seem to prioritize my life work, I can't tell the difference between the important thing and the urgent thing. Everything seems important, everything feels urgent yet I hang out for way too much of each day in very un-important, un-urgent areas - a bit deer in the headlights, I feel stunned & in overwhelm much of my time. I never seem to have any real time off (& do I even want need time off ?) yet I never really feel like I'm working at my tip top, pure and most efficient level of productivity - the way I want to be working, I want that efficiency more than anything ! I struggle every single day with missing you Dear Discipline. Please come and visit me and stay as long as you like - you can see the ocean from  your bedroom, I'm a really good cook, plus I'll bring you coffee in bed each early morning - promise ;-)

Your Friend,

The problem with patience and discipline is that it requires both of them to develop each of them.

Thomas M. Sterner


  1. you are so funny. I look at you and say to myself "get off your ass!". you are incredibly productive!

    I hate Facebook. its depressing and yet its very convenient for talking to friends. everyone is there. want to get off but i do the farmers market page and you cant have a biz page without a personal account. grrrrrr

    that cat is so beautiful.

    xo love to you

  2. Don't feel insecure about your art dear Susan it is beautiful,you are a successful woman. We cannot go through life comparing ourselves to others. Be comfortable with whom you are, you are a beautiful person.
    Wonderful photos, that close-up of Oliver is amazing, such a beautiful cat.
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Love the post Susan! I think most of us with many platforms are personally struggling with this balance. It's so easy to be lead off our path (especially if we have several) and find it's hard to pick up again.
    I know people who try a cold turkey approach to social media while they tackle certain projects, a retreat of sorts. At my best, I relegate it to the dark (literally) unproductive hours when my family responsibilities are taken care of.


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