Monday, February 17, 2014

I love our big, fenced in, park like backyard & I love shovelling trails criss crossing all over for the dogs & me

We had a wintry, wild &  white out windy blizzard yesterday so I'll be doing lots of new trail shovelling today & tomorrow.


  1. oh, what lovely photos. We, too, have been having some serious snowfalls. Gracie is still young enough (only 4) and energetic enough to make her own trails in her fenced yard. The snow is one third the height of the fences now!

  2. oh, I love Miss Winnie's unruly eyebrows! the dogs look pretty happy out in the snow with flakes on their noses.
    Sigh... so much snow. I keep telling myself, spring IS coming.

  3. I'm so glad to see how close your dogs are. Love the one of them crowded side-by-side in the path. Love that you make interesting paths and not just straight lines. That is an awful lot of snow...no need to go to the gym to lift weights for you, eh? Lovely photos as always!

  4. Hi Alison ! When we have a fresh snow, especially one this deep - I usually let Sam to the trail blazing and I shovel paths along his loop de loop walks about the backyard. I love shovelling snow and the Prince won't let me do the front, driveway, walkways etc… he has a particular method (wink, wink). I like the exercise factor of snow shovelling also + time spent just hanging outside with Sam & Winnie D. and Yes they sure are great buddies.

    The trails are great for me to, I can take a break from my work day and walk them, with the dogs almost like a labyrinth meditation

  5. I am so envious of your wonderful large yard.

    Love the photos of your dogs.

    BTW, you may want to yank out that Japanese Knotweed before it takes over your WHOLE yard. That stuff is really invasive !

  6. Such wonderful photos dear Susan, your park-like garden is a winter wonderland of beautiful visions of snow and glimpses of sunshine.
    The photos of Sam and Miss Winnie are beautiful.
    Please give my love to Miss Itty Bitty Betty!
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡


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