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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

9 photos of the lowly dandelion, much maligned by many but loved by me ;-) 

Mostly I make lists for projects. This can be daunting. Breaking something big into its constituent parts will help you organize your thoughts, but it can also force you to confront the depth of your ignorance and the hugeness of the task. That's OK. The project may be the lion, but the list is your whip. Adam Savage 

Yesterday I mentioned a list of self directed projects I've created for myself for the next 2.5 months - my ideal deadline for all of the is end of August. As a self employed creative entrepreneur I need to continually be thinking of joy full ways to create bodies of new work & ideally create new business/salary from that work. I love the brainstorming/blue sky planning part of building my own Creative Empire. When I checked my journal this morning I realized I'd actually left out 3 projects from yesterday's list (insert eye roll here). Guilty as charged, guilty of over planning, I am an over (attempting) achiever. I left out 2 new fabric collection presentations - greeting card design presentations (for early September) + I'd love to create 2-3 affordable downloadable tutorials (collage owls, typography & botanicals).

But first up ... the really daunting task is the pre-project organization & scheduling that must be done. It's one thing to have big plans - I have I ♡ planning invisibly tattooed somewhere on my body in a beautiful handwritten script! In the last 2 years much of my success I attribute to my skill at meeting deadlines and my ability to break big projects down into smaller bits while keeping a super tight schedule. I schedule everything ... my entire day & evening 7 days a week. It makes me feel peaceful, calm & I'm so much more productive + I schedule in breaks & fun stuff. I know that there are people out there who go through life without making a list ... honestly I shudder to think of it. la list is my very best friend ! More on scheduling in another post or 2 because I believe it to be my most valued habit.

2 big daunting tasks up this week that must be completed before I start the fun stuff - the reward stuff. My income tax (I know, I know - they owe me so I'm safe ;-) & completely organizing my computer/4 terabyte external hard-drive THUD !! did you here that, that was me flinging myself off of my chair onto the floor in a very melodramatic manner - that's how much I'm looking forward to either & especially both these tasks. BUT there is a pot of gold and a big shiny rainbow at the end of this week if I can get them both done.

 Off I go ! Bonjour Daunting !


  1. Aha! another thing we have in common! I am a compulsive list maker. There have been times when I have had a master list of my lists. Once I nearly had a nervous breakdown when my puppy actually ate a very important list... sort of like "my dog ate my homework" but worse.

  2. Beautiful dandelion flowers and seed heads, I love them too.
    I had a planter of beautiful yellow, pale yellow and orange marigolds flowering on my back patio and the white sulphur crested cockatoos came this afternoon and completely destroyed them, snapped off flowers, plants and pulled most out. They are such destructive birds. Makes me sad.
    xoxoxo ♡


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