3:30 pm

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a tall moustache, a brown velvet hound and a gorgeous spring like afternoon in the hayfield

From our 3:30 pm walk yesterday afternoon.

On a day like yesterday, warm and with a big ol' hint of Spring days to come, I try as hard as I might to breeze through my drawing/design time in as productive and efficient a way as is possible. I then race around doing my few daily chores, walk with the sisters again around this little village, run a few necessary errands quickly and hop in the teal wagon - so that I might meet up with my Prince (oATG)* and Bess in the hayfield behind his old farmhouse at 3:30pm sharp for a long walk under the bluest, blue sky and warming bright sunshine.

Ya know you - make me feel like dancin' - yeah you ! ya really do !

oATG - of All Things Good


  1. So now I'm supposed to believe the Cowboy is also an interpretive shadow dancer?

    (wanders off to google Boyfriend In a Box)

  2. Snort ! You're so smart B. Shamu

    Yes ! - he was creating the shadow of the now extinct and tres exotic giant silver feathered Prairie Sailer. Not native to Nova Scotia but a recently introduced species. The distinct cry of this beast goes something like this -

    Bess, Bess, Bess, Bess, Bessssss! Come ?!?


  3. Now THAT'S a pair to draw to!
    Beautiful day!!

  4. Time to give him the camera and let him take pictures of YOU!!!!!

    (for us, that is)

  5. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel ...

    you know how we photography types are - always looking through the lens never, ever or hardly ever les subject although I do promise to take this hint under consideration. Oliver sends M. Millie sweet spring kisses and much love from the rest of us xo les Gang

  6. There's a nice smile some where under that mustache.
    I guess it's worth wading through the bushes to get to the picnic!!

  7. "you'll have to pry my camera from my cold dead hands"

  8. These pics gave me the biggest smile.


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