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Saturday, December 11, 2010

photos of our spectacular harbour - I love the Christmas lights on the little stage building

I couldn't decide what to call today's post - more schemes + dreams or good things and really how I feel this early morning is a little of both.

My desk looks like a giant paper bomb has gone off and some serious cleaning up needs to happen before me and you-know-who (that's right Collage Cat) dive back in for some more non-stop a go-go collagerama action. Happy, happy, happy. I'm really finally beginning to get the hang of creating (with as little judgement as possible), create, create and then create some more. As a designer you are most often trying to come up with that BIG great idea, there is a tendency to "think" much more than "do". As you all know thinkin's my forté ... but I'm dicovering that doing can also lead to BIG things. I've included another page from my day planner - it amazes me how often the tiny scratchy doodle thumbnail I draw while I'm still tucked in the nest with my morning coffee ends up being the BIG idea and I very often scan & enlarge from these thumbnails using them exactly how they are in that first initial thought. Reminds me, yet again, the importance of sketching out ideas no matter how rough and simple they may be.

I came across this paper pledge collage and I really LOVE how it turned out so ... between the tiny sketches in my planner, the incredible stash of paper love* spread all over the TTD, the love collage my first go, and I'll call it a proto-type (meaning ne pas it's not quite there), the zillion hearts a float now living in my etsy shop ... well, things sure are a cookin' here at CEHQ**

I do hope these posts about paper, collagin' + empire building are not too boring - let me know

A few extra good things - no snow yet (not a skier), clementines, Christmas lights on our evening walks, fleece and down + my friend Shaggy

* merci ! merci ! you know who you are and we have not forgotten our deal ;-)
** Creative Empire HeadQuarters

Oh my ... almost forgot here's a great giveaway - ends tomorrow

paper pledge collage, love card prototype & tuesday's day planner page


  1. the first photo, the colored lights...LOVELY!

    good luck cleaning up your desk. it seems like the fun kind of mess, though :)

    xo Alison

  2. You're right the harbour is spectacular. And timeless.

  3. Love the first picture. So beautiful
    Benny & Lily


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