Saturday, March 26, 2011

beautiful light - 2009 Cavallini Butterfly calendar on the door to the chocolate brown bedroom

restoration - renewal, revival, or reestablishment

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life
stimulates the creative mind
Albert Einstein

A good friend of mine and I used to while away many a Friday evening here in this old brick house over drinks and heavy duty, deep conversation - my absolute favourite kind of chat. She used to often say that life is like a funnel, it narrows as you get older. Narrows in a good way.
, your life, becomes more fine tuned, lean & spare. We learn, with the gift of age & the wisdom of experience, to discard with confidence so many things we grow up assuming we'll eventually embrace. We spend the bulk of our years discovering what we need & what we want. What makes us feel happy & content. We become clearer and clearer about all the things we don't need, what we don't want - ideally we come to know, accept & love our selves ... for who we are. Unconditionally.

That's my goal, it's a kind of restoration project, one I'm always working on - we're working on.

Since meeting Doug (the Prince of All Good Things ;-), falling in love, knowing 18 months later than we're in this together for the long haul I've been able to think of my next chapter, our next chapter, the two of us and our ever growing menagerie of animals (who really run this joint) in a completely different light. We're blue skying, we're funnelling, we're dreaming the big dreams ...


A quiet mind cureth all

Robert Burton


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