Sunday, March 27, 2011

yesterday afternoon the cat committee holds a meeting dans les sunny chocolate brown room

Who's the boss at 29 Black Street - or les hierarchy

Miss Winnie Dixon - top dog, top cat, queen of all things - Oliver would debate this of course
Oliver - top dog 2nd in command, top cat, current chaircat of the Black Street cat committee, handy-est cat, supervisor, art director, photo associate, parkour master ... blah, blah and so on ...
Me (?) - the boss of a few things, spoiler extraordinaire, especially easy going with cats & dogs
Sam - is OK with Miss D being Queen but is vying constantly with Oliver for top cat position
Bleet - Hey ! I'm just chillaxin' watching the birds - very much a lover, a lounger & not a fighter
Virgil (formerly known as Gus) - refuses to participate in any & all hierarchy/power struggles
Doug - secretary/treasurer of cat committee, feline/canine coordinator, dog walker, Prince of ATG* & tres content in his lowly position, after all, he is the 6th adopted animal at Black Street

* All Things Good


  1. I suspect that if we were to ask them, the tribe would have a different pecking order.... Poor Doug - lowlier than Sam? Even with his opposable thumbs?

  2. He actually gets a kick out of it - thankfully. I think he feels kind of privileged that I would agree to keep a stray human ;-) and he knows I'm crazy about him.

  3. this made me laugh out loud, susan!!! love it! willow rules the roost here and both bella and zoe seem completely content to let her reign supreme!

  4. Bleet is cool. And I like Virgil's flat view.

  5. Hi John, Gussie (or Virgil) is Doug's favourite because he is so "authentic" in his pure unaffectionate, slightly feral, aloof, handsome, sleek, ocelot like feline self - he is not a pet. It's like he's being held against his will. Like the cat in this journal.


    I'm crazy about them all and Oliver is a fav no question but I will confess he is just a tad manipulative, and he is constantly vying for that top the position.

  6. Moose thinks Oliver could be a control freak! Tail wags to all meeting goers.

  7. I feel I must point out who is at the top of the furry heap....that's right...A DOG!!!



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