kicks + kids

Monday, November 14, 2011

hey normal day - let me hold you - giclee print & poster
hand drawn type, printed in black & hand coloured
- Susan Black

I'll confess I do get myself on a kick at times. The well documented collage owl kick and most recently the how-many-ways-can-I-play-with Mary Jean Iron's poem/quotation (much loved by me) about appreciating the every day normal day. I'm hoping this version will be my last kick at this particular design/typography can. Time to let this one go & move on to something NEW*.

& kids. It may well be a big ol' case of arrested development but I do love this song. I love the video. I love the sense of youthful awe & disbelief in their faces as we watch it dawn on them that they are hitting the very big time. Foster the people - pumped up kicks - happy, boppy, happy.

* NEW - sung by a chorus of angels


  1. I like your kicks and inspirations. It's fun to watch you explore.

  2. thanks shammy sham
    xo S Missy D & Sam-mule


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