new day

Monday, November 21, 2011

a black tangle of bare branches is silhouetted against a pale blue lavender sky
pink orange cotton puffs of clouds glide silently by the sliver of moon
seagulls float & soar above a full tide, white caps chop angrily against the sea wall
flocks of starlings chatter cheerily high atop the naked poplars
what leaves remain blaze like fire
intense golden shimmering light kisses everything it sees
Winnie D. & I move through our foggy breath as we walk away from the sea
favourite fleece headband & gloves are donned (avec happy polka dots)
cheeks flush, pink & alive with the crisp early winter chill
frost ices still green lawns & hydrangea petals
& ice covered puddles wait expectantly to be stepped on.

good morning new day !


  1. hey Sue:
    you're really making me miss the country, now that we've moved to "the big city"! I love the ice shots - hasn't been that cold here yet, but Leslie and I are looking forward some quality frozen-puddle stomping. enjoy it before the snow flies!
    xo - n

  2. Your photos say "crisp" to me. Our days in South Australia are tending towards sunny and lazy now that summer fast approaches, though preparations for Christmas will probably bump lazy over into January.

  3. Lovely blog! I just found you. I'm moving to Nova Scotia next year and am thrilled to have found another blogger. Just love your pictures.

  4. Susan, what a lovely blog. Just found you c/o Lynne (Kovan). I'll be back.

    Best wishes,
    Sybil in Eastern Passage (NS)


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