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Monday, November 28, 2011

a few early morning photos from the last few Saturday & Sunday

vacation & me ... 2 words you don't often hear together.

Fortunately I really love (more & more all the time) my expanding creative world (work) & thus work really never seems like work. How amazing is that ?? but I must say I have been zoomin' for the last couple of months, multi-tasking, burning the 8pm oil, I have a cold & flu bug & I'm tired of thinking about a zillion things at one time. The best cure for what currently ails me ??

A wee 2 night stay at the Halifax therapeutic spa & retreat of best friend & ultimate chat-a-thon compatriot MLouest- Uh Huh !! Shut ! Up !! Not only does she have an amazing home, in an amazing hood (in a wooded park near a sheltered harbour) with trails to walk through tall trees & beside tiny lakes with big giant craggy rocks but she is also a fantastic hostess, a wonderful cook, time absolutely flies when we're together + I won't have to think about a thing. I'll get to do some city things, drop off some of my creative wares at 2 tres cool Halifax shops Inkwell & Love, Me Boutique. Eat out in a restaurant, socialize- & who knows what else.

Heaven !!!

sung by a whole bunch of angels

see ya Thursday ;-)


  1. hey sister!
    have fun avec mlou. make sure she takes you to Tarek's for the yummiest Lebanese/middle eastern snacks in town!
    safe travels - n

  2. Let's hear it for working (ok dropping off work) vacations!!

  3. You have snow!!! We are jealous!!!

    Enjoy the spa days. Sounds LOVELY...

  4. have a wonderful wonderful time!! I love your photographs. and thank you, for the wonderful gift.


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