Thursday, December 1, 2011

the herons have left - scenes from our early morning walk (sweet cheeks Winn* & me)

I'm a lucky girl 'cause I have 2 homes. 2 places I feel joy, inspiration, comfort & loads of love.
Here at 29 Black Street with the Prince & our family of fur & at MLou + L's place in the forest.

lucky me


  1. oh I love MLou's place! take lots of photos there too.

  2. I love MLou's place too. Sadly I ... wait for it ... forgot my camera. Shocked myself - I never forget my camera - weird.

    I was so preoccupied with all this retail store stuff & actually the trip was much more whirlwindy then usual & not much time for the taking of photos anyway. Next time.

    ps I bought a new camera - so glad my other one still works a little as the new one feels like a foreign beast & will I know for some time. More on that subject later.

  3. Where it was actually ? I've never been there...


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