Saturday, December 17, 2011

peonies - polaroid sx-70 - susan black - new giclee print dans les etsy shop

pinkest peonies from the terracotta gardens here at 29 Black Street - oh so very saturated colour, printed on gorgeous heavy 400 gm textured water colour paper - simply luscious

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, a little worried, a little fragile, a little sad ... think I'll stay hunkered down this weekend, snug & cozy, inside our lovely little bubble

happy music


  1. Would some Midwestern love help? Jackson has a ton of Lug Love to spare.

  2. merci Shammy & J
    exactly what I needed
    xoxo Susan & les larger Gang

  3. Tired, maybe? You've been very upbeat and busy for a long time - time to stop, put your feet up, kitten and cup of tea to hand? x


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