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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


please, please M. Universe help me find a good home for Cyrus Bucky Snort
my temporary & tres adorable lil luvah ;-)

spending way too much of my creative empire building time - kitten sitting (kinda sad face)


  1. look at him sitting in the flower pot!!! that is some sweetness there ;)

  2. Sooo cute. Unfortunately I live in the UK at the moment. Moving to NS next year, could be tempted then!

  3. too, too adorable! sadly i'm in the UK, and molly cat may not be happy sharing her little fiefdom...
    hope he finds a good home soon xx

  4. He's a teacup kitty!!!

    How could you resist kitten-sitting when those EYES are lookin' at ya all day??

    Happy home-finding vibes to Cyrus the Great!

  5. If I lived closer, I would give him a home. Seriously. Please keep the faith and hold on to him until he finds a home. He is adorable.

  6. Kitten-sitting? Stop being so silly. Just accept that he's yours, and that he isn't going anywhere else..... You know you want to......

    The 'Owner' of Scooter & Hamish x

  7. ermmm, yeh...what Rachel said. I don't really think he is going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully the others get used to him and don't tear off any more ear.

  8. mom says...once a kitty sits in a flower pot, that is home!
    Woof Woof (HA HA)

  9. Susu,
    You should just keep that bundle of joy.
    The other animals need a new sibling :)

    Love you <3


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