tis the season

Friday, December 9, 2011

we're packaging up our wares, making signage & doodying up our displays for les Market

My first ever Farmer's Market/Craft Fair ... silence ;-)

I'm not sure if anyone local reads this blog but if you do please stop by & say hello
For sale oodles & oodles of tres cool paper goods

giclee prints (many with mats)
loads of lil art cards (matted giclee print/card with envelope)
christmas cards
valentine's cards
botanical collage greeting cards
collage owl calendars
poster calendars

woo hoo !!


  1. woo hoo! indeed! Good luck - I bet it all sells like hot cakes. x

  2. Hi,
    I announced this to a group of potential customers this morning in our local cafe.

    Your friendly local cafe owners

  3. Susan - what fun! I have done a couple and it's a great time. I know you will do VERY well. Wish I could come :) xo Joni..

  4. woot woot! Have fun + as one "seller" to another...LOVE those boxes!! Betcha Doug made them? Tail wags,

  5. hey Moose ! aren't they lovely.
    He'll be so pleased that someone noticed. woof ! xo S, Missy D & Sam

  6. Oh my gosh! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! :) I SO wish you the best with this. xo

  7. Hoping that you sold OUT of all your wares.

  8. Hey, just in case you did not see this...
    woof, woof


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