Monday, December 12, 2011

10 more pics of the sweetest, dearest, snuggliest little baby ginger kitten - I've named Cyrus

I found Cyrus Friday afternoon as I was leaving the Cyrus Eaton Elementary School - he was madly trying to open the big, heavy metal glass door & seemed quite astounding that no one seemed at all interested in him or in letting him inside to watch the annual Christmas concert. Now I would say about myself that I'm (surprisingly) not someone who picks up every kitten they see but there was something about this little guy that suggested if he had a home it wasn't a very good home (certainly not by the 29 Black Street code of kitten care). He is/was skinny, had fleas, ear mites, probably worms & I believe is far too young to be strolling around out n' about by himself crossing busy roads, hanging out at recess with a zillion small children. I had a little poster with me "FOUND kitten" at the market Saturday & ended up having many conversations about lil ginger luvah with a variety of people, some who live in that neighbourhood & some thankfully who are involved closely with our local animal shelter.

No question I am crazy about him. He's as sweet as can be. Adorable & incredibly affectionate.

Cyrus, little ginger boy, is everything you would ever desire in a kitten/cat but ... the Prince and I do well managing to feed & provide health care for our current brood of 2 dogs, 3 cats & Bruce our adopted feral cat (who we feed & shelter year round). Believe it or not my common sense & practicality will over rule my heart on this one & Cyrus is such a special lil guy I have no doubt that we can find him a great home. Would I like to keep him ? would I like to have 25 cats & 16 dogs, a couple rabbits, a few goats ... maybe a guinea pig or 2 ... would I wish to save every animal, wild or otherwise, that isn't safe, fed & comfortable ... you betcha I would ! but I know I can't ... and I'm finally beginning to accept that fact - as hard as it is to accept most of the time.

Cyrus's stats
pale ginger male
approximately 12 weeks old
super friendly
litter box trained (natch)
very affectionate
very playful
just plain adorable
has been given flea/tick medication
not neutered yet

oh yeah ... he has a torn ear, compliments of Virgil (bad cat) happened in Cyrus' first half hour here at Black St. I've doctored him & it's healing beautifully, but he is now a marked kitten.


  1. I have met several orange cats, and they were all so friendly and affectionate. I had the great fortune of having an orange cat live with me for 18 years, he left an indelible mark.

    Cyrus is a great name, a king's name, and the name of one of my best friends. That kitten needs some fattening up!

  2. He is a darling! Our Henry is orange and white and the dearest boy. I am always so grateful he came into our lives. Cyrus is a wonderful name for a special boy...much love!

  3. While he matches Jackson's coloring, Jackson says the only way he can come live with us is only if Cyrus climbs the trees to chase the squirrels down to Jackson.

  4. I'll have him. Oh, wait.... the Atlantic.... maybe not.

  5. I want him!!!!!!!!!

    But I don't suppose the postal service will agree.

    Seriously, I wish Cyrus a happy home-going with a loving family very soon. He is clearly a sweet sweet kitty.

  6. I wish you could send him down to North Carolina, Susan, but my three very elderly cats would probably die of heart attacks if he showed up.

    Side note: Many years ago I used to work at Cyrus Eaton's farm in Northfield, Ohio in exchange for riding lessons (late 60's). Mr. Eaton was quite elderly then and had long give up riding, but would come down and watch occasionally. I even got to meet the Soviet Ambassador to the US when he came for lunch with the Eatons. Small world that you would find Cyrus at the elementary school named for one of Canada's greatest philanthropists and the person I got to know many years ago as a man who was quite interested in farming in Northeast Ohio.

  7. Karen that is so fascinating - thanks so much for commenting. The Eaton family (& specifically Cyrus Eaton) played a very prominent role in this little village, one of which was making our Pugwash "world famous for peace"

    thanks again, xo Susan & gang

  8. we "discussed" Cyrus adoption here in Colorado... long story short: Moose says box him up + send him! Sheldon says...if he wants his other ear "torn to shreds" (enough said)....we know he will go to a special home.
    Tail wags,

  9. woof Moose !
    xo Missy D & Sam

    Sam looks at Cyrus, cocks his head & it's as if he's thinking "I wonder if I can eat that?" yikes

  10. Giving him a name, huh? sounds like a kitty crush to me!
    Small world that is it, Blandford (our part-time home) is also home to one of Cyrus Eaton's beautiful summer homes. It's no longer in the family, but one of Cyrus' grandsons lives in the area and is a fellow member of our fire dept.
    Cheers - n

  11. How far away am I? I live in Dieppe, NB... Would love to help Cyrus.

  12. Thanks MAndy, please email me for phone number Susan


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