the death of madam O

Monday, December 26, 2011

15 photos taken with Miss New Canon without any reading of 241 page thrilling manual

Madam Olympus finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, she refused to upload to iphoto, those images (thankfully few) forever trapped on a now archaic & defunct 56MB memory card. Miss Canon's memory is 4GB. Madam Olympus would take near 100 photos before she was full up - new Miss New Canon will happily take 1400 ... uh huh 1400. But alas I was so sad when I knew the old (just past her 10th birthday) camera began to show signs of certain death. How could I ever love another like I like loved Madam O. Madam Olympus Camedia C5050 who gradually & dependably taught me to adore taking photos again, she who was built like a tank, with an extra long over the shoulder strap & went absolutely everywhere with us. With Emma & Jake in the long ago days of my 3 dog life.

I'm already falling a little in love with Miss New Canon & I've yet to crack her manual so have no idea of all the things that she's capable of but I'm pretty sure she's a little gem. Compact, quiet, loaded with capabilities much like an SLR in every way except the interchanging of lenses ( ya know, I kinda hate to admit it but I'm really not a change the lens kinda gal). I need a camera that's easy but a camera that does a lot + gives me many manual choices. Hooray + a big phew

The high lites of Christmas Day - the best breakfast I've ever had - made with love by Nana, sweet Bee & her crazy wild tree, my other family, making chowder, dipping marshmallows, laughing at the antics of plucky lil' Cyrus, snowy white cold & crunching footprints, twinkling lights & Mildred Pierce (parts 3 & 4 of 6) watched snug & cozy by the fire.

No.14 a peek at our living room reno & my newly framed (by the Prince of course) map of Paris from 17 - something, Cyrus, fire wood and the most handsome, window posing, cat we know.

Just heard on Q's top music of 2011 - elbow - build a rocket boy


  1. which Canon did you get? I have the S95 which I adore. Its amazing the shots I get and no lens change....theres some ways it cannot do what a real SLR can do but I dont care. Your shots are great and I think its best to learn by doing first and then read the manual for the extras you didnt know about.
    Santa brought me a new HD Canon videocamera which I am thrilled to have. Now all that analog footage i shot for tourism vids will be el lame-o.

    Lovely day, lovely critters. enjoy Mildred Pierce - personally the Joan Crawford one was my favorite.

  2. Greetings sweet Chick - my new Missy Canon is a Powershot G12 - I do love Kate Winslet & the sets & costumes are luscious xoxo S & gang

  3. Rest in peace, Madam O. Oh, the sights she has seen.

  4. Such beautiful photos as always. You have such an eye, no matter which camera you pick up!

    Happy, happy Christmas from us!!!

  5. Happy Boxing Day, Susan. :) Loving the photos from your new camera. Wow. Here's to a new year filled with unexpected blessings.

  6. Just think of 10 being REALLY old in camera years (as opposed to doggie years)...happy shooting. We only have about 7 Canon's in this household, crazy!! Happy Boxing Day to all.
    ~moose (the exhausted GR)

  7. OMG! LOVE THAT MAP!!! HE is SO AMAZING!!!! Is there ANYTHING he cannot do??? That new camera will be MAGIC in your hands with your practiced eye, that's for sure!!!
    Praying for a new, loving home for Cyrus....SOON!!! XOXOXO


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