Sunday, December 11, 2011

currently answers to hullo luvah - snuggliest, sweetest, gingeriest , handsomest lost kitten

Spent this morning kitten sitting, quite a job, this adorable lil' guy was found by me Friday afternoon - looking lost, tres skinny, hungry, flea ridden and about as snuggly as kittens come. Les Gang are all pissed off. Virgil (a big surprise to moi) even inflicting a scarred for life tear in this little ginger cat's ear (see photos for les evidence). my goal is to find him a good home, I would love to keep him but as I said to Rachel earlier this morning in a dear UK cat lady email


quick cat bulletin ... out n'about this afternoon & came home with obviously lost sweetest, skinniest, palest orange Kevin-ish ginger kitten (maybe 12 or so weeks old). Purrs madly if you look sideways at him. dear. dear. sweet. dear. Oliver & surprisingly Virgil have been ferocious with him, Bleet just intimidated (as usual) so he's currently ensconced in my office.

Photos of yet-to-be-named to come tomorrow. Promise

I've flea medicated him, fed him well ... he's snoozing in a little ginger ball

Nova Scotia cat lady

& 2nd email avec photos

currently answers to hello luvah

he is super sweet, super charming, extremely handsome, unusually smart & alert. very keen hearing & eyesight, firm poops, tres full of beans & definitely at that psycho kitten age

yikes .... gloved hands while we practice - killing large beasts with thumping feet + allteeth & claws (o0oi-*9 .... oops he added that bit - I suspect a note in code for the Team )

I cannot imagine integrating such a crazed kitten beast into the rest of les Gang (and having him survive)

over n' out,
les Gang

The market was fantastic !! I'm a bit stunned by my $$ success. Thank you to all who stopped by, both those who purchased items & to those who gave me such lovely big compliments. Arrived home with a lot less inventory, a stuffed wallet & a much appreciated puffed up heart (& ego). Merci !!!


  1. oh my, I love me a ginger kitty! (already have one, so don't get any ideas about sending him across the border!) Too bad the others aren't thrilled to have him around. I rescued a long-hair red fellow a few years ago... he and my boy kitty got into a raging battle and it wasn't until almost a week after the red fellow had a new home that we realized he'd given my guy a pucture wound that required serious antibiotics. All's well... red fellow found a fabulous home and home boy healed up just fine. SOOOOO happy you had such a successful day at the fair!
    xoxoxo from KB and her pack

  2. We all here KNEW you'd do well. Whoohooo for stuffed pockets full of coin.

    If you add another cat you'll have to get another dog to balance things out. It's only fair.

  3. Congrats on the haul at the craft fair!!!

    That cat is adorable. A good home will appear soon. You're a good egg.

  4. good about the market! I am happy that it was so great but not surprised at all,

  5. Yeah yeah, you're going to find him a good home.

    Hollow laughter from across the pond, echoed mockingly by foster-kittens-as-was Scooter and Hamish......

  6. I agree with Rachel . . . he's a bit like my Tuppence who wasn't really meant to stay, but -

  7. Uh-oh! Cute-as-a-button kitteh spells TROUBLE for soft-hearted cat lady. I hope the crew recovers from their trauma - a little brother might be just the thing to keep them on the straight n' narrow. Tee-hee! Congrats on the market, aussi - I knew you'd kick ass!
    Cheers - n

  8. Such a sweet kitten. I hope he finds a happy home away from jealous "other" felines.
    I am so happy for your market success, too.

  9. Well Done You for rescuing the little guy. Here's hoping for a good home. Or else, a warmer welcome from your furry crew. Come on now, wouldn't you love another?


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