oh my, the light

Friday, December 2, 2011

this mornings early morning walk on the salt mine road

oh my, the light
the bluest sky
the golden grass
the shimmering harbour
the warm early fall like temperatures
the brown & brittle queen anne's lace
the canada geese & seagulls
a flock of starlings & an eagle soaring
walking with my shaggy girl miss d
who I love more than words can say

& oh my, the light

Madam Olympus was behaving exceptionally well knowing that Miss New Canon has arrived.


  1. I was going to ask if this was Miss Canon's work. I am anxious to see how she measures up to the reigning queen. These are lovely.

  2. Congratulations on your new visitor. I'm still loving my reliable little Canon PowerShot, which suits me fine but I can appreciate the fancier schmancier models.

    My hubby is an amateur photographer - a member of ViewPoint Gallery. I'm quite proud of his work. http://www.keithcossey.com/index.html You might like to visit his site.

  3. Penny I am hoping that I'll get used to the new camera - certain kinds of "change" & me are not that good friends - this is definitely that kind of change. It took me a very long time to fall deeply in love with Madam Olympus so I know Miss New Canon will take some time ... sadly.

    I checked out your hubby's site & photos very beautiful I especially loved the seascapes - of course xo S & les gang

  4. Don't fear the change, embrace the results. Go play in the light.

  5. Can you believe this is December in Canada? It looks like early fall in your photos. Love Miss Winn in the golden grasses. Will always look forward to your images no matter how they are captured. You have the touch.

  6. The photo of Winnie in the field is perfect. Almost looks like it is a painting,XOJoni


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