Monday, April 2, 2012

geraniums - sigh

change is good, change is hard, change is worrisome ... change is good
the  reason for all this new white & clean is to create more of showcase for photos like these 5

please let me know what you think, what you like ? what you don't like & what you miss


  1. I love how clean it is. I love the skinny type. I don't miss the map and like that the day's image is the first thing you see. I like the new spot for the get to it much more quickly. I was expecting the beige flower illustration to be incorporated so I was surprised not to see it. I like the change.

    PS I see you play a starring role over at

    How lovely of you to send them a parcel.

  2. I like the "clean" look of everything + the type. Fresh is the word that comes to mind.

    Your beautiful photos have always popped, but when I checked in a few hours ago it was such a "peaceful" surprise.

    I am an early riser and I know I can check some blogs on the "other side" of the country and see something "new" to start my day (and get my daily quiet time + in your case get my Nova Scotia 'fix'). Your blog is a peaceful place for me to start my day.

    It is second nature to want to take the mouse to the right side--but I like change too + I especially like what you have done/are doing around here!

    Happy Monday-

  3. I love the white, love the clean look, love the photos (as always)! The new look definitely does put emphasis on your photos, which is fantastic.

    I do wish it was a bit more "you." Maybe a photo of you on the sidebar? Or incorporate one of your collages?

    It's fantastic, though!

  4. Very clean look. The photo on the About page is awesome! I really like the extra-large images in Portfolio. I like that you included Cyrus in the Gang of Fur page.

  5. Hey !

    Merci for the comments & critiques. I will say for the most part I'm super happy with the new look & yes MLou turned out all that logo generating just led me to using my fav Universe xtra condensed as a logo.

    I think it's important to keep the archives up 'cause "heck" come July 1st I'll have been doin' this (pretty much daily) for 5, ya-huh !! 5 years. That's 1792 posts - CRAZY but really good, fantastic cool kind of crazy. My life lives here.

    Hey Janice so sweet that you begin your day with us on your home turf/coast. I think the cleaner, the less fuss the more lasting this look "may" be - fingers crossed

    Amanada there is a web site home page coming any moment - there you will find "always" an example of me & my work. Look for soon, very soon.

    John - my nephew Mike (who knows me well) & did the fab redesign of this blog chose that "about" photo - I love it too, me & my security neck warmer ;-) & Lil' C will always be my cat - still know I did the right thing finding him his new excellent home ... still miss him daily - a little ginger boy with a ton of personality.

  6. I very much miss the animal family sidebar.

  7. Arthur I do hope you checked out "les fur gang" under welcome - a page I plan to expand (with bios & such).

    Thanks for your comment ! xo S + Gang

  8. The geraniums will come again with their wonderful pungent scent.

    I looked at more of your photos. What a stunning area you live in:-)

  9. i LOVE the new look!! every hue and shade of the blooms popped...
    are they begonias?? i'm not a gardener, but i love flowers :)

  10. Swa you at the Wilf blog. The card is gorgeous. Different color ? Tammy .

  11. Stunning photos
    Love the white

  12. If you like it we love it!!! Did try to expand the les fur gang for more in depth reading, maybe it is not up yet, just a larger photo came up. Great job Oliver...ah, we mean Susan.
    tail wags,

  13. Yippee, easy to use, clear what there is to see. Love the title type

  14. Susan, I voted "not sure". Some of the commentators seem so observant and are making such precise comments. Me ? I liked the feel of your earlier layout. This one seems sorta clinical. But one person's clinical is another person's "clean". If you like it, then that's what matters. I'm certainly not going to keep coming back based on the layout. ;-)

  15. Hi Susan!

    Thanks for responding to my comment. If you're going to have a website home page, than I 100% love this new look for your blog! (Not that you need my approval ;)

    Also, love your photo under "About"

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