busy Bee

Sunday, December 9, 2012

a garden - another old NEW favourite - a garden 10x8 giclee print available in my etsy shop - Susan Black

The Pugwash Christmas Farmer's Market & Craft Fair was a HUGE success - sold a ton of stuff and had lots of fun & mostly because I had a busy sweet Bee to keep me company, to chat with, to pack up with, to snack on Christmas goodies with + she sold almost all of her wares too. Thanks Sweet Bee !


MakingSpace said...


Also - these kids, they just keep growing up. What is with that???!!! (She's beautiful.)

Susan said...

Hey Amy ! please give my love to your sweet ones !
Bee & I had so much fun - it's funny when we're together it's more like friends than adult / kid - the 4 hour market + packing up zoomed by. xo S + gang

Sybil said...

Wish I'd been there ... congrats !

Moose said...

The day sounded fabulous indeed for you both! I would love to have a little Bee too :-)
Tail wags to all ~Moose

dianne said...

Happy for you both that the day went so well.
xoxoxo ♡

rachel said...

Well done - and you had fun too! Excellent.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Hey Susan!
Edward and I linked to you and your fabulous calendar for our Christmas shopping post!
Happy Holidays to all at 29 Black Street!