Winnie & me

Thursday, December 20, 2012


  1. The Gardener says I must tell you how much he loves your dog. And your house.....

  2. thank you (& the Gardener) xoxoxo
    from all of us

  3. Eyebrows in #6, and stray white hairs on noggin!

  4. Hiya John, she sure is the love (when she was young she was pure black loads of silver greay these days)
    Happy Christmas xoxo S + Gang

  5. I notice she's always on-leash. Does she take off ? Do you not walk your dogs together ?

    How old is Winnie ?

    Gosh -- I'm full of questions today aren't I ? ;-)

  6. two peas in a pod.......tail wags and good cheer to all. ~moose

  7. Woof to you Moose !

    & Sybil yes she can & will take off. Cats are a big deal. Like many dogs she loves her own cats but the terrier in her sees anything that's running and reasonably small as prey. That & the fact that her mother is really neurotic and worries too much about her. Oh in the olden days when I had two retrievers (Em & Jake) + Miss D there was lots and lots of off leash business - often tres nerve wracking I make myself sick thinking about it now ;-)

    No we don't walk together, 2 completely different styles of strolling. I like to meander and take pictures. Doug's a point A to point B man.

    Winnie will be 14 this coming Jan 10 and had just turned 1 when I adopted her 13 years ago (almost).
    I love her madly as you can imagine, not sure how I'll manage without her.

  8. Love your photos Susan.
    I think my grandcat, residing permanently with us, would be classed as 'prey'.
    She loves to go for a walk with me everyday, trotting at my side like a dog, but we are always on the lookout for dogs off leads - I am terrified that one day she will indeed become prey, but she loves her walks so much ( a lead for her doesn't work - she takes off quickly with the lead attached!).
    I am always so appreciate of responsible dog owners, with their dog on a lead, while others couldn't care less.(If we see them in the distance we have to come home).
    On reading this, I sound like the district's crazy little old cat lady - would probably complete the picture well with a walking stick and bird on my shoulder!!

  9. Winnie is such a dignified looking dog! Thank you for all the wonderful photos and thought provoking entries all through the year. It's been a delight! Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

  10. Beautiful photos. It's lovely to be back and catching up after a long, Fall semester. :)


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