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Monday, December 31, 2012

Miss Dixon mid blizzard / more bird watching (& posing) / snowy branches / vintage embroidered pillow case / black pine / tres serious bird watching (& occasional flinging cat bodies, full force, against the window) / snowy from a second floor window

less - to a smaller extent, amount, or degree

I'm still contemplating my one little word motto, mantra for this upcoming almost brand new year. For a few days, maybe a week even, I was completely convinced that my word was going to be brave but after pondering that particular word intensely (as only I can ponder) I thought to myself - but I'm already pretty brave, actually come to think of it I'm really very brave*. Braveness and me have always been good pals - I'm that weird combination of very brave while feeling fearful always, the thing I'm realizing is that you can't really have brave without fear. The other thing I'm finally understanding is that we are all afraid - some of us just talk about it more.

So ... no to the word brave for 2013. What I really want more of in my life, in many areas of my life is less. Less ? hmmmm. Less is more. I have always believed that, but then I fear (naturally) if I choose less as my word the Universe might get things screwed up and give me less of the things I need & want more of - like love, like making a good living, like happiness, fantastic projects, clients, creativity ...

Of course not I convince myself. The Universe knows what's going on. She's gonna know that if I choose less as my word I mean the less is more less ... less on my plate, less procrastination, less stuff (much less stuff), less spending, less over thinking, less obligation, less saying "yes" to everything and everyone, less internet, less email checking, less inventory, less worry - you get where I'm going with this. 

All this to say I'm not sure yet if less will be my word for 2013. But I do know that I want a more spare life, I want to pare down & simplify. I want to focus and to get really good at one or two things instead of trying always to do everything. I really want much more from less please.

* stay tuned for more of these revolutionary revelations. How great is that ? to discover that I am already very brave ? I'm continually amazed how just when you think you've figured yourself out, somewhat - Kapow! you find out something about yourself that makes your heart swell. It makes me feel incredible to know that I am brave.


  1. Hi Susan,
    The two hunters bird-watching is a great photo. It sure is snowing up there!
    Good luck on your word pick. I agree that Less would be tricky and I overwhelmingly agree that you are brave.
    I poked around looking for words in the 'spare' 'pare down' categories based on your last portion of your entry. I came across 'Just' which is defined as:
    adjective: right - fair - equitable - correct - righteous - rightful
    adverb: exactly - only - merely - simply - precisely - right.
    Just a thought.
    Happy 2013 to you.
    Kitty USA

  2. Hi Kitty thank you for the suggestion of the word "just" - I especially love the adverb meanings though am also a bit of a nut when it comes to the other kind of "just" as well.

    I put suet out for a "our" downy woodpecker and instead attracted a raucous, huge flock of starlings (the earwig of the bird world) - I thought Virgil was going to have a heart attack he was so into it & intense and would periodically fling himself at the window. It's so important for your inside cats to have a rich stimulating life ;-)

    happy new year to you & yours xos

  3. Oh that is so great. I love the idea of choosing one or two things to do well. I am going to adopt that, and it's funny because as soon as I read that I knew what my two things were, and I knew that I haven't been doing them as much as or as deeply as will fill me. Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Cats know to stay indoors. Can't wait to get back to snowy NS from the soggy UK. Happy New Year!

    Lynne, from FiveGood Things

  5. sit with it, susan, your word/phrase will come - as did mine, eventually!
    i thought mine was 'becoming'... but it's turned out to be BE A VESSEL and i'm excited to see more of what it means as it reveals itself through the year!
    richest blessings for 2013 and i ADORE your cats contemplating the birds outside!!

  6. While you were snowed in, we were at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta watching the dolphins! Must admit I am sorry to miss a snowstorm because I love them (married to a DOT employee -- he doesn't love them!)
    My word for 2013: amazing.
    Happy New Year, Susan!

  7. This post on "less" reminds of the phrase "A Tiny Life" that I see every time I turn on the light in my family room. Said by the wise philosopher S. Black.

    Photo #6, Virgil is in the zone!!


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