cats r us

Monday, October 7, 2013

the creative director hard at work / Miss Betty / Tweet (formerly formerly Miss Mew, formerly Minnie now very officially Tweet is her name  / Oliver in his pillow topped windowsill office / no, not a rare black velvet sea lion - it's BleetNessie with Oliver in the background / Virgil (Gussie Gus) / Betty in the park / the boys / & the boys again cuddled up together

There are no ordinary cats


  1. Have I missed a post that explained how Tweet arrived in the gang?

    I am trying not to be envious about the big feline family you have... to be content with my two, but have to say I often get that longing feeling.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your cats dear Susan, they are all so beautiful and photogenic.
    Love to all!
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Hi BH - Tweet & Betty are neighbourhood cats who both had homes, just questionable, sketchy homes & both were perpetually (forgive my bluntness) being gangraped in our big yard by the motley crew of abandoned & feral Toms of this village - not the Toms fault - nature calls. Then I would worry about the kittens that resulted from all of this - just a bad situation.

    We began our relationship with Miss Betty by taking her to our vet & spaying her first. Doug secretly fell in love with her and began discussions of adopted her. I (believe it or not) tried to discourage this as our big, firm life plan is to move, to sell 29 Black Street, downsize, possibly even rent somewhere else in the next few years and we all know how landlords feel about animals period - let alone 5 cats & 2 dogs (sigh). Next we spayed Tweet, letting them both back outside but feeding them regularly along with the motley crew of Toms - Jim, Bruce & Al who come twice a day for breakfast & dinner.

    As the weather gets a little tallish, betty's been coming in more often and Tweet too & recently D & I through our hands in the air and agreed we now area a 5 cat family. Tweet, Bleet (because he's older 14.5 and has about a 4 metre range away from the house ;-) & Betty are allowed out - my babies (7) Oliver & Virgil/Gus are inside cats and will always be so.

    I'm a firm believer in inside cats and we will do our very best to convince Betty & Tweet to stay in more & more. So that's the update - they found us & now cats R US.

    much love to you & Dianne from the expanded feline gang, Missy D & Sam xoxo Susan

  4. Looks like the CD is enforcing a break in photo #1! I refer to my all-black girl cat as the beached seal when she stretches on the floor like Bleet in photo #5.

  5. Enjoyed hearing how Tweet and Betty came to be part of your pet pack. So very good of you to have taken them in, neutering them and giving them a good home ...

  6. This is why I love your blog! You have the most beautiful cats and I love hearing your stories and seeing your photos.


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