Friday, November 29, 2013

this morning's golden hour - the ice has arrived, a big salt ship came in this morning, Betty loves to zoom & I ♡ Winnie D.

In the comments Sybil recently asked the question ?

Susan, you don't read all those books do you ?

No I don't Sybil. I am a compulsive, obsessive book, audio book, movie & TV series orderer (from my county library website). You're allowed 50 holds on items and I most often cruise around the 35-40 holds number but have on a occasion been told by the site that I can't have any more because I'm at 50. You never know how many other people have holds, if it's a new hot book or movie it make takes weeks, even months before it actually gets to you. It's a very rare Thursday (book delivery day in this little village) that there isn't a giant stack of stuff for me and I always prefer to bring them home, fondle them, skim through them, read the recipes in the cookbooks and then choose 1 or 2 from my most recent haul to actually read. I only read at bedtime and I might get 30 pages read before I'm lulled to sleep so … if the book is say 771 pages (as is my new great book The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt) I'm lucky if I managed to get that 1 book read in my 3 week library loan period, if it's a hot, new book I can't renew it because someone else has a hold on it. I keep a list of books that arrive but I don't have time to read so that I can re-order/put holds on them in the future - so many great books, way too little reading time.

How is Winnie Dixon ? who turns 15 Jan 10th

She's been taking Metacam (every other day) and she's doing really well, I go down and upstairs with her, helping her with her arthritic little legs. She really loves this cooler weather & I really LOVE her.

Happy Weekend !


  1. I gave up trying to check out books from the library unless they are ebooks. I never seemed to find the time to read them and then it was a trip to take them back, not that its that far. I haven't tried the online audio books yet. I more or less buy books I want to read and keep and I am running out of space to put them!! I've had a love affair with books my entire life.

    What time do you take your morning walks? Are the pictures with the shadows morning or afternoon? I've got to get back into the routine, especially with holidays coming up.

  2. Hi Galestorm these photos are from early morning (& most are) around 7:30-8am It's not a long walk anymore because my girl can go that far but it's down into the park and along the boardwalk to say good morning (& thank you !) to the ocean and the gulls (130 steps from our doorstep), a roll or 2 or 3 for Miss D in the frosty grass and much nasal investigations ;-) happy Thanksgiving xoxo Susan

  3. It's a lovely scenic walk. Early cold morning walks are so refreshing. I had a nice quite Thanksgiving. I chose to stay home alone with Gracie. "Tried" to cook the traditional meal!! I'm still practicing and I need to get a little better at it before I ever invite guests to eat for Thanksgiving! I appreciate more all the work my mother put in to holiday meals. Hers were the best! Have a good weekend! xo Wanda

  4. Happy weekend Susan. I love early morning walks, but as a substitute teacher I have to wait around for the phone to ring at that time of day.
    My daughter rescued a 9 year old dog, an advertised giveaway, from a backyard where it never went anywhere - now it leads a wonderful life of adventures. Always grinning.
    I love to see photos of happy animals on their walks, and living opposite a park, I see many of them having a great time. Always delightful to see your gang on their adventures.

  5. Beautiful morning photos dear Susan, I love the picture of lil Miss Betty 'zooming' and a lovely photo of sweet Winnie.
    I am glad that the medication is helping her little legs.
    Books are so tactile, I love the covers, the paper, the words and the illustrations.
    Happy weekend and hugs!
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. I put holds on many books at one time too... sometimes none come in and sometimes happy day there will be 6 or 7 all at once. I received a Kobo last year and have gotten very used to reading in bed with the lights off...very relaxing and a great way to slowly wind down towards sleep. Last night a big storm off the ocean, flannel sheets, the dog curled up on the end of the bed, the Kobo on for light and a big stack of new books on the bed. Among them Help Thanks Wow and Stitches....thank you so very much for introducing me to Ann Lamott. I am reading Help Thanks now for the third time and will buy this book for many people for Christmas.
    I come to your blog every day to see how Beautiful Winnie is doing.

  7. Oh I am so relieved to learn that you don't read them all. I was feeling most inadequate as I am a rotten reader. ;-)

  8. d dav, thank you for the lovely long comment. Your description of being tucked into bed on a stormy night by the sea, a kobo your only light and a dog warming your feet sounds dreamy.

    Miss Dee is doing really well. We've been trotting around an entire block each early morning … that darn Miss Betty leading us on ;-) xo S + gang

  9. Blessings to Winnie and you. You are in my thoughts every single day.


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