brave art part 1

Thursday, July 24, 2014

process photos 1. almost ready for paint 2. my little thumbnail inspiration I want to create more art about the sea after feeling quite pleased with this recent nautical themed piece with Rumi quotation 3. the dreaded blank canvas - this is a wood panel with 1" sides 4. choosing my palette and paper choices 5. 6. & 7. diving in cutting, tearing & gluing down with gel medium 8. A Tiny Life No. 7 my style inspiration - how I'd like this final mixed media piece to feel (combination of paint, collage, drawing & mark making) 9. ready to screw it up  ;- ) ready to begin adding the mixed media parts - the scary part - but I know I must just dive in

To live a creative life we lose our fear of being wrong Joseph Chilton Pearce

Two great quotes come to mind as I struggle with creating something new & fresh - as I struggle to be fearless and to summon my creative brave heart. I've been ask to donate art to a fundraising event for Ships Company Theatre in Parrsborro about an hour's drive from here on the beautiful Bay of Fundy coast. I have my Etsy shop giclee prints, printed elsewhere so to save both time and money on framing I decided it best to leave my new best buddy Photoshop out of this creative equation (at least for now and the actual donation piece). I always scan my work as I go so that I have all the various stages (1. & 9. in this case) saved as high res jpgs because there's a very good chance I will use them again in some other digital format. But this piece will be all non digital, just me, a canvas, lots of paint, ink, tools and my brave heart ;-) Will post the next stage soon (tomorrow or Sunday). I have to remind myself - it's OK to screw up - such a hard thing to accept.

ps. I signed up & am listening/watching the fearless collage demos of Mati Rose's Daring Adventures in Collage & her Daring Adventure in Paint both on sale now & lifetime access to content - that's what sold me, a go-at-your-own-pace + have the 5 week course content forever (sung by that chorus of angels).

You can't wait for inspiration, 
you have to go after it with a club 
Jack London


  1. Oh my gosh!! And here I am liking it just the way it is...! It is a brave process, going at the canvas again and again. I would find it really courage-invoking to start adding paint to that...

  2. mbi - it is absolutely terrifying, working now in mostly in Photoshop I can't really make a mistake, nothing I do cannot be undone .

    I've sat stewing & dithering most of today & barely added any paint. One is "supposed to" let go of all attachment to the finished piece, embrace abandonment & just have fun ... yeah right ... I may mess around on occasion but at heart I am a control freak with a mad dash of perfectionism- so trust me there's a lotto talk in this post & little action (followed) yet ... I will mess around, play, paint muck about with abandon tomorrow ...promise ;-)

    today I psyched myself up to play.

  3. Oh Susan, this is amazing and so beautiful, I love the colour palette you have chosen and all of the patterns and textures in the paper elements.
    Love, Dianne
    xoxoxo ♡


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