great blue heron

Thursday, July 24, 2008

herons at low tide

As Winnie and I walk along the harbours edge each evening we stop to watch the herons. Large statuesque birds wading slowly and silently around in the shallow warm waters - fishing, hunting. There are so many Great Blue Herons here that it's easy to take them for granted, this giant spectacular bird, standing 4 ft high with a wing span of 6 ft. When they fly swooping low over the water they remind Winn and I of ancient pteradactyls their cry, a drawn out squawking yell sounds prehistoric and makes us ponder the recent theories of dinosaurs evolving from birds.

John James Audubon print of a Great Blue Heron available at

More grey skies outside my studio window, my beloved CBC radio is playing low in the background, a full cup of java sits here beside me, crows argue and finches chatter ... it's another brand new day here at 29 Black Street.

heron at dawn - another matted print available soon in my etsy shop


  1. Susan, you need to get out your books and read up on the significance of the heron totem. This animal seems to have been placed in your path on a daily basis and as stated in your words "'s easy to take them for granted" or overlook the sign being sent to you. The heron represents strength and ability to stand on one's own. This bird is so huge and yet it can support itself on those seemingly fragile legs. When it flies it's as graceful as a song. When it seeks sustenance, it is patient and keeps an eye out for what it needs. And if it doesn't come soon enough, it moves itself along in the direction it needs to go in order to find it. Place one of your beautiful heron photos on the desk every morning to remind yourself of the admirable qualities of the heron.


  2. This is a beautiful post! I absolutely love Audubon's works. We have a few heron down here around the river. They are majestic creatures.

  3. thanks V ! guess I do see so many of them, and so often that I was taking them for granted and not listening or noticing their message.

  4. Beautiful pictures. We get herons hunting rodents in the ravines around here. Watching them is very peacful, with sudden moments of violence.

  5. Excellent photos! And Apple is so very pleased you came by to see her! I do agree, she bears a remsemblance to your Miss Winnie!

  6. oh, susan, this last photo of the heron at dawn is just breathtaking! i truly love it! can't wait for you to update your shop.


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