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Saturday, July 12, 2008

beach glass, periwinkles, a cottage bouquet and sweet, sweet Oliver

Yaaawwwnnn ! She takes a big sip of her hot coffee (avec a tiny bit of sweetner and lots of milk) in her favourite, chipped Starbucks mug (the other non-chipped mug of course is for guest - still sleeping) and resumes typing by the light of her computer monitor. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Stayed up until midnight last night, chatting. Gasp ! This from the never-stays-up-much-past-9pm-girl. So I'm sleepy. Crows outside my office (and guest room) windows are having an early loud and raucous breakfast meeting. The harbour is very still, no wind at all this early morning.

a big day of cottage living awaits.


  1. Good morning S!
    Philip & I are off to the 75 mile yard sale from Onslow through to Parrsboro. You & M Lou should think about going. It runs from 8-5 Sat-Sun. Can't wait to see what treasures I find! Whatever you do, I hope you two have a great weekend!
    ps: Oliver is always so photogenic. Smile.

  2. oliver IS sweet and i love the sea glass!!

  3. Have a great day. Hope the sun shines for you!

  4. Love those teeny little shells in the lovely old glass bottle!! :)

  5. awwww how I love that cat! and look at all those periwinkle shells! wow... lots of beachy days in that jar....

    I'm out in the garden..trimming back the lilacs..taking pics of a newly bloomed pink pixie lily... and.. oh, yeh.. holding up doors for somebody to paint the louvers....
    hahah... you were up waaay past your bedtime... have a good weekend...

  6. wonderful cozy pics. Love the shells and your cat is absolutely adorable. I love cats, especially ones like this.


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