Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss D and I, yesterday, in the meadow behind the cowboy's house ... oh my the scent of clover

The huge expanse of meadow behind the cowboy's house. A meadow that stretches up gradually to the tree line. An ocean of green with occasional bits of colour, mostly clover. Missy D loves to swish through the tall grass. And yes she's on a leash, a long retractable leash - because she is a mad if it runs it must be prey terrier and her Mama is way paranoid and tres overprotective.

I'm still glowing from my lovely, restorative visit with MLou. Sigh. Lots of chatting and more chatting, coaching, support and friendship and now back to my real world. The real world of seeing if I actually do have an Empire (creative) to build, after much consultation and discussion avec MLou*, I'm back with some helpful new goals with schedules and deadlines. Just another amazing quality of that kind of friend - they have the ability to help gently steer you on the course toward your dreams but they'll also tell you honestly the goods you're going need to get there. For example - to work more efficiently (in my case way more efficiently), to set serious deadlines for accomplishing things, and hey ! the ultimate question that will need to be asked is are ya making enough money following this darn dream - to survive, and well ??? or do I need to plan a new course, a new career, a new income generating scheme ??? will I need to get a real job. Crash of thunder heard from stage left. Good friends help you to see the necessary reality checks of your life, as hard as some might be to look at.

I'll admit ... I have been drifting. I'm not making enough income to survive. So it's time to put up a new sail, set a new course and give myself one year to reach that distant CE shore. I finally need to find that safe mooring of satisfactory & growing income for my creative endeavours.

* she herself is a very busy successful self employed designer


  1. Miss D looks much happier to be HOME!!!

  2. Hey I know ... doesn't she ? She looked pretty freaked in a couple of yesterday's shots (waiting for the badness to happen).

  3. Just how big is that dog's tongue?!

    Good advice from M'Lou - but it's been good to watch you become happier and happier, despite a bit of drifting in recent months.....

  4. That is one happy dog.All the best with your plans Susan.x

  5. I want to go drifting, too!! :)

    I wish you the best with you new endeavors/plans. I have some new ones I am working on as well. I have been so inspired these last few days and I have created a new "me" sketch. I just finished doing the watercolour of it and will post it sometime tonight.

    I am always thinking of you and love you tons. Thank you for always sticking by my side...even when I was a poo poo head! :D

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  6. "Lots of choclat' for me to eat
    Lots of coals makin' lots of 'eat
    Warm face, warm hands, warm feet..
    Someone to watch over me...........Oh wouldn't it be loverly?? just sayin.........

    Someone to watch...over...me!

  7. There was a slight mistake in the above post. The first "someone to watch.." should not have been there...but in a way it kind of fits in...The Professor and Eliza Doolittle! The Professor and Susan! Not the makeover...but the safety!!!

  8. Gracious! Thought I'd lost ya!! That's a boooteeeful dog. Interesting - similar time frame for that goal of makin' it real without depending on outside forces (in my case a dicey job). Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. That top photograph of Winnie may just be my favorite one EVER! She is so beautiful and the grass so green it brings tears to my eyes. I want to find a way to duplicate this picture so I can put it in a 4 X 6 frame and add it to my tabletop gallery of much loved 4-legged family members. She is one of us...she belongs here.

    I can get lost in your pictures and your posts. It is so beautiful where you are and we are melting in 100 degree temperatures down here.

    BTW: I sent you an email thanking you for everything you sent to me...did you receive it? I know you battle the email thing so if you never got around to reading it, just know that it was sent, with much love and gratitude!!! Regardless of what you reveal here or don't reveal, I find you to be one amazing woman!!!


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