Wednesday, June 2, 2010

quince - polaroid sx-70

I hear a lot of people talking about "taking the leap" as if they're jumping off some tall platform into a huge deep puddle of uncertainty. Instead reframe it for yourself. Focus on doable, attainable steps. And when you think of taking that leap, instead of visualizing a leap downward, think of a leap upward, toward the sky of your potential.

Kelly Rae Roberts - from Flying Lessons

Wow ! I'm loving Kelly's e-course and I feel like it's happening at the very best time for me ...
but Hey ! isn't that how everything happens in life ? at the very best time. When you're ready. And boy I'm feeling so ready. Look out Creative Empire, cause here we come.


  1. Wow, Susan, your photographs just keep getting better. I love the depth of color and perspective. You are certainly right about the right time in your own mind...that's when everything happens and "click"! Glad all is well.

  2. mom is looking forward to hearing more more more about your class...she is building her Letterpress Empire, which cuts down on her time to pet me!
    Tail Wags to All,

  3. That looks like an amazing course! Love that you've found it!


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