Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pink clouds, brown churned up surf, a fire in the sky, the beauty, the blues and the sea

It's different always ... it's never ever the same, but it's always beautiful and often awe inspiring.

I feel so lucky, so very grateful, to live by the sea in my old and charming brick house, in this tiny and mostly sleepy village ...

with my handsome, handiest of all, cowboy - the one with the very tall moustache and with les felines garcons (BleetNess, Oliver & Virgil*) and the ever fabulous Missy Darn D. Out on our walks, I look up to the sky or out to sea past the harbour's entrance and into the strait and daily I whisper thank you ...

thank you ... thank you ... thank you ...

*the cat formerly known as Gus


  1. You've had me daydreaming about a move to NS for quite a while now. From my perspective, you lead a charmed life.

  2. I sure do John ...
    a very charmed life.

  3. And I say thank you, too, Susan...
    Thank you for sharing with us the beauty, the blues and the sea...

  4. Oh, that second picture - the sea like treacle toffee.....

  5. Ah - Ali just looked at a bunch of your pictures - she is looking forward to her cat pic!

  6. I envy you your little house by the sea...

  7. The second picture made me stop my mouse scroll - beautiful, angry, fascinating all rolled into one photo! I am so glad you are enjoying your wonderful idyllic life by the sea with your love(s)!


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