ms. winnie dixon

Sunday, September 5, 2010

my buddy, my girl, my constant companion

I love her - truly, madly deeply

I fear she is declining, she's had a rough week this week, at first I happily attributed her lethargic ways to the sticky, humid, heat wave we've been having but daily I'm beginning to wonder ... she's just not herself. She suddenly seems old, distant and a bit feeble. It breaks my heart. She's under my desk, in her well padded den as I type this enjoying a nutri-twist dog treat which is a very good thing.

Oh my Missy D ...


  1. I'm sorry, Susan. Sending a hug your way.

  2. Sending good thoughts your way!

  3. Wishing you lots more moments of love, joy and companionship with your sweet girl.

  4. Hi Susan
    How old is Ms. Winnie Dixon? I love the picture of her at the edge of the field sniffing the flowers!
    (PS random full stops by Bobby - our dog with his own set of health problems)
    It's a horrible feeling when you realise they are getting old. I really do sympathise, and hope that you can enjoy many more happy and carefree times together.

  5. Ms. D is beautiful, I'm sending hopeful thoughts your way.

  6. So sorry. We lost our Rupert a week ago, my cat for all but four weeks of his long life. We don't think he suffered, and were just grateful that he hadn't gone off wandering, leaving us to wonder.
    He is now in a sunny spot, where we can see him and talk to him in passing. He had a good life.

    So has Ms Winnie Dixon, with you. It's the price we pay for their love and devotion.

  7. Sending good thoughts and good vibes your way.
    Benny & Lily

  8. Much love Susan. Give Ms Winne D.a pat from me.xx

  9. That is the most beautiful dog EVER! I love the pictures you take of her...they make my heart overflow.
    Once again my crazy life has had me awol from your wonderful blogging and I have played catch up tonight.
    I am glad Winnie is OK, just a senior dog now. A step or two slower perhaps, but STILL Winnie!!! I am keeping all of you ever in my prayers. It is still hot as blue blazes here in Texas...and I think we all long for cooler weather! Your in box is revving up for some rock 'n roll, just you wait and see! Love from Big D!



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