phew, again

Thursday, September 9, 2010

another happy photo accident or the view upon standing after way too much rolling

How I've been feeling the last way too many days. I stumbled off of my recent busy and fairly productive path, lost my balance, rolled (like we used to do for fun? when we were kids) a zillion times down some steep hill to finally clunk to a stop in a puddle at the bottom of some vaguely familiar abyss. Feeling lost & tres f&cked up once again. Pardon, s'il vous plait, my language*.

Anxiety + Angst = futile & desperate sadness. Like the weather bomb in the movie the Perfect Storm, several systems of badness seemed to be barreling down at me and from all directions. I admittedly will put the emphasis on seemed, felt like, etc... but Hey ! you try explaining the difference between seems like and reality to someone in the throws of full on anxiety, and have lots o' fun trying ! Perception after all is 20/20 ... and come on, what's reality anyway ... Alfie?

I stood up, dusted myself off and retrieved my well worn, laminated, business card size In Case of Emergency (or what to do when you're feeling all f&cked up) instructions from my pocket and followed the three simple steps to achieve, ideally, some sense of recovery.

No. 1) call best friend at 1-800-seems to love me no matter what and always knows the the things to say to help me breathe again, every body needs one of these in your back pocket.
No. 2) Relax, continue deep breathing, be especially nice to myself, make a cup of tea (the special tea sent to me by another friend who makes me laugh almost daily), curl up under the covers, entice Winnie Dixon and at least two cats* to join me, open current favourite book and shoo all minor trials & tribulations, out the door along with that motley and tres rowdy crowd of imaginary beasts & demons.
No. 3) Call the Prince, ask him for what I need and want, being sure to say please and thank you. Continue reading and await the sound of (the Ford Ranger black steed's) tires on gravel.

* I dunno sometimes that particular word (offensive to some) just seems to be the perfect word
** far be it for Virgil to participate in any faux cat comforting session, remember he is a wild cat.


  1. How about Step No. 4: Comments from caring friends who are far away in distance but close in spirit...

  2. HEy Judy, I will happily and with gratitude add No.4 and relaminate. xo S & les Gang

  3. I'm with Judy! Thanks for the tea mention - surely you've finished it by now? You just aren't drinking enough tea if it's lasted this long, lady!

  4. Susan, perhaps a relamination is in order when you put a globe icon after #4. :-) Sending positive waves from Colorado to you....

  5. Merci comradesses !! I have added a No. 4 item "do not forget your caring friends & cohorts in high and far away places" and have since re-laminated my pocket size pamphlet "What to do if you accidentally roll down a steep hill into a ditch of your own device(s)".

    Thanks again you guys !

  6. Pee ess: Life entirely without the eff word would be tasteless indeed. My cat is defriended by people who take offense :-)

  7. Note to myself: remember Susan's words here. Substitute accordingly.


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