lil' C

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I think of him almost everyday - lil C, little Cyrus, adorable, sweet-as-can-be gingerness - see more here + here + here

beware of people who don't like cats
Irish saying

He completely stole my heart. I fell madly in love in 21 days - I know he's enjoying his new home & 2 feline sisters but oh my ... I do miss him. Hey Lil' C hope your livin' the good life.


  1. Awww..."lil'C" is adorable, such a beautiful colour and markings and those eyes are irresistible, so glad you rescued him and found him a good home.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I remember. Such a personality, and it was hard for you to give him up in that head rules the heart situation.
    I like your quote Susan. When I was a young woman, sent to the country to teach, my flat mate was allergic to cats and I had to give mine up. It was going to break break my heart. My future in-laws saw my pain and took my dear cat in. I knew then they were keepers and lovely people.

  3. He is beautiful- the most wonderful eyes! A special boy, I think.

  4. Oh Pam what a great story I love your in-laws. It's strange the older I get the more completely cat crazy I become & that Little Cyrus he was an exceptionally dear cat.

    I agree littlemancat those eyes - when I first picked him up that Dec 10th day he nuzzled his little face into my neck & began purring madly. Love, love ...

  5. Such a dear, sweet cat. I also hope he is happy in his home.

  6. He has the home thanks to you ... you did good.

  7. oh my what a beautiful boy!


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