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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

oh my how I love those shaggalicious legs / Winnie Dixon / three seagulls hanging out / seaweed / salt ship / the crescent beach / to the sea / my girl Miss D and her eyebrows (which I trimmed last night)

I once heard a woman who had lost her dog say that she felt as though a color were suddenly missing from her world: the dog had introduced to her field of vision some previously unavailable hue and without a dog, that color was gone. That seemed to capture the experience of loving a dog with eminent simplicity. I'd amend it only slightly and say that if we are open to what they have to give, dogs can introduce us to several colors with names like wildness, nurturance, trust and joy.

Caroline Knapp author of Pack of Two

I seem to have lost my blogging voice. I can't say if or when it will or might come back, that voice. It makes me sad a little, there was a time that I couldn't imagine that I would ever not blog each & every day. Other things seem to be filling my time, other good things. It's a funny dilemma to have because I have so many thoughts I'd love to share (like in the early days of this blog) but when I think of mentioning them here & now, I worry too much that they'll seem irrelevant, uninteresting or boring. I've become a tad self conscious here - what's up with that ?

Miss D is headed toward her 15th birthday. I watch her like a hawk & a mother hen combined, I worry about her constantly. Loving a senior dog is ... a very scary kind of love. It's a big, huge, historic love LOVE with much trepidation thrown in. She's doing really well with a big, huge appetite (especially for cat food and other delicacies) & plenty of energy,  it's with tremendous gratitude that I report this ;-)


  1. A blog holiday often does the trick - just decide it's ok to be away, and suddenly you start to miss it and find a pressing need to write something!

    Winnie is doing really well. Long may she go on like this, dear old girl.

  2. Extra kisses for Missy Dee from me.

  3. We are back!! Yippeee.... I need to catch up on your posts. Loving the photos but most of all lots of pets, treats + kitty food for Ms Dee. Check out what Moose has been up to on The Log @ wwww.CabinPressStudio.com
    still can't sign on your blog with our new WP site .... your voice might just need a tad of a break! Tail wags always ~moose

  4. Ms Winn Dixie is happy and much loved. What more could a girl ask for! She goes on daily walks in a beautiful place with her human companion. She is a very lucky girl and I am sure she knows it! If only we all could be so lucky!

  5. Wonderful Winnie! My pooch loves cat food too...... but she doesn't have those gorgeous furry feet! Like a painting where some distance can help you see clearer - maybe with blogging too? Don't go for long though - I love your beautiful blog.

  6. It's always been the biggest mystery to me why those that think they may be irrelevant, uninteresting and boring aren't usually that way at all, while those truly like that barge on regardless, the very suggestion being such an affront!

  7. Missy D is a beautiful dog and I am pleased that she is doing so well,I think all of the walks and constant love and affection keep young.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. I've had some similar thoughts to yours earlier this week in regards to having this missing feeling about how I used to write - more personal, cozy, intimate and now my blog is more artistic oriented. Sigh. However, I know inside where I'm at is a good place to be as I've finally found a bigger part of me which has been needed for a long time. I wonder what or how my current followers will respond if I write a bit more on the intimate personal side again, from time to time. Like you, I've so many thoughts I (still) want to share regarding my passing days. What I'm learning, is to write, regardless if I have 20 comments or 3, as I've got (and I'm CERTAIN you do) alot of "silent" followers who read, comments or not.

    Much love to you.

  9. i know how you are feeling. i lost my voice a while back as well. there are many days that i feel strongly that i have something to say but when i go to share on my blog the thoughts feel unworthy of being shared. i know that these feelings are connected to the deep depression i went thru and the ongoing feelings of being a bit lost in the world. it all just makes me sadder so i just don't go there. but i really seriously do miss the times when so much of my creativity and self worth centered around what i was sharing on my blog. thinking of you and sending ((hugs)) as you look out for sweet winnie. my presley lived to be 16 1/2 and has been gone for almost 4 years. it is a precious gift you are given when you get to care for a senior dog.


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