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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zinnia 1 - collage/mixed media - Susan Black // giclee prints available here

there is no try
only make and do

I'm trying (with all my might) to not try

The most exciting creative work I've made over the last few years I've made I'll admit, kind of by accident. Lately I've been creating my new work both for myself and for customers, I'm working in a creative collaboration which is nothing new for someone who spent the first many, many years of her creative career as a graphic designer (I continue to prefer the title/label designer over artist still). With this new (exciting, tremendous & fabulous) project I've begun working on I've been catching myself trying to recreate that kind of by accident atmosphere, head space, environment, attitude & process that I was in when I created many of the pieces of mine that when I look at them now I'm completely in awe of them - I have a hard time imagining that I ever did make them. What was my darn secret ? I look at pieces like the one above and think hmmmm I wonder where I even began ? eek. Eeek, eek !

There's an innocence and a wonderful unaffected energy to artwork that's created in that magical place of not trying too hard. That magical place is the land of Trust.

I'm finally at the make & do phase of this new (secret for now) exciting, tremendous & fabulous project. It's time to take the project out of my head (where of course it can remain nothing but exciting, tremendous & fabulous) and turn it into actual art pieces (6-8 of them). I am trying with all my might to not try, to not spend endless wasted hours trying to recreate some imaginary place I once was at when I created other artwork I'm happy with. I'm trying to not wander aimlessly the halls & boards of my 3,804 Pinterest pins. I know in my heart I don't need to be inspired anymore.

I need now to make, create, do (with my brain turned to the standby position)... that is the (only) place where the magic will/can happen.

Winnie Dixon update -  she is so much better, her back legs stronger (hooray !) & she can even go down the stairs without my assistance although she happily began to enjoy the routine of me coming up with her leash and walking step by step down with me. Mama overreacted yet again & fell head first into the sticky pessimism pit - it's so difficult not to when your dog is nearing her 15th birthday. Many thanks for all her well wishes xoxo Miss D

just heard on Q radio 1 - Canada's own Rufus Wainright, such a beautiful song from 2007


  1. So glad to hear Winnie is rebounding. I find myself in the same situation with Riley, who turned 17 on the 10th.

    Can't wait to see and hear about the exciting new projects.

  2. oh my goodness BH 17 Wow !! and oh ! that's a whole lotta LOVE- sending sweet kisses to Riley from Missy D & me xos

  3. Sorry Susan, I did not know that Winnie was unwell and indisposed...I don't know how I could have missed that. I am so pleased to read here that she is on the mend and I hope she keeps getting better.
    Love and hugs to you both.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Hi Susan...I'm relieved to hear that sweet Winnie is feeling better! whew! Also just want you to know I rec'd Cat Man last week & we love it! & thanks for the extra goodies..Rufus Wainwright's new tune is fabulous...thanks for posting it. I look forward to seeing your new projects too.
    Love & continued good health to you and Miss Winnie & the gang. xo

  5. good morning!
    What nice news about Winnie!!!! Hooray! did you try the Metacam (sp?)? I used that for my Rose as she got creakier and creakier, and was pleased with it.
    ...and good luck with "trying not to try", kiddo!
    all good wishes from here...
    Kathie, Gracie, Marco Polo & Susie

  6. Glad to read Winnie is having some good days! Still beaming, though, in case you're wondering where that warm glow is coming from.

  7. Glad about Winnie.

    Happy for your secret project.

    Love Rufus.


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