chenille & other cheap thrills

Monday, May 12, 2014

seaside painting of rock, barnacles, seaweed and red sand // cheery yellow daffodils // that Betty, she's been following Missy D and I into the park and along the harbour side boardwalk // everyday 3pm tea time // bacon ? Sam & Winnie Dixon in the backyard sunshine // making a wheat, grain & sugar free version of Dorie Greenspan's apple cake // 2 cats and a favourite sunshiny chair // 22 x 30 pattern, painted with transparent sepia ink and a very small brush, days & days & days - part of the new fantastic & finished 12' x 5' collage illustration project // les bomb of a BIG project has gone off dans les studio // creative director Oliver brainstorming & conceptualizing // the purchasing department approving a new fabulous expenditure a gift to moi + it arrived just in time // oh my love lil' lichen forest // + more geranium love (geranium care post coming soon ;-)

We are not strong for acting like we have it all together 
all the time. We are strong because even when it is hard & uncomfortable & embarrassing & messy & ugly, 
we keep walking forward. Michelle Taylor

Amen ! Michelle Taylor - her quote found on Kelly Rae Roberts Facebook page

Chenille & other ... cheap thrills.

To say I am a frugal person I think would be an understatement. I'm not cheap, at least I don't think I am but after years and years and years of a barely there, hit & miss, insecure at best income, + living in a tiny, rural-ish, chic-is-not-essential village, being self employed (no one sees me or my attire, hair, face etc...) and I guess with age, maturity + a dash of wisdom - I don't like or want to spend money unless I absolutely have to. Most often, aside from the usual suspects - bills, groceries, etc, my biggest expenditures would be Creative Empire related - like my brand new thrilling 12 x 17 LED flat, thin Lightpad pictured above (chorus of angels are singing here) a 200. + item, but it's paid for itself already with this recent BIG 12' x 5' foot collage project (more on that soon, promise).

I do so love a cheap thrill, and I've been realizing lately I have quite a few of them

• chenille preferably in a loose, boxy turtleneck sweater form or blanket - it's like wearing a teddy bear - my most recent mock turtleneck find from local Monty's Emporium of Second Hand Vintage goodness - ivory in colour, XL and $3.50
• turtlenecks period - there's something so comforting about rolling them up to just below your nose
• uncontrollable laughter, so very good for the soul - anything by David Sedaris & this internet cat goodness
• every day early morning coffee in bed with my journal (+ coffee delivered by 1 handsome Prince)
• a freshly made bed with flannel sheets that have hung outside on the line - this thrills me beyond belief ;-)
• a really good novel waiting for me at bedtime - I'm currently reading Lost Girls by Canadian author Andrew Pyper
• library books, magazines, audio books, movies & TV series  - I ♡ my library
• not eating out in restaurants but cooking dinner at home, trying new recipes, growing our own veggies
• being outside in nature - I'm starting a nature journal this spring not sure exactly what that'll look like but I'm looking forward to studying the expansive nature in my own back yard - first up our ant hills and many moss varieties
• every day, 3pm usually, tea breaks - current favourite is a 2 cup pot of tea with vanilla nut & orange pekoe
• a tidy organized office & desk - unlike explosion of creative-ness pictured above
• starting anything from a seed - current successes lemon, clementine & avocado
• Netflix, Netflix, Netflix - currently watching Season 4 of the Good Wife - a perfect hour of wind at my 8pm quitting time
• everyday (nearly) walks along the crescent beach
• hanging out with my family of pets (including the many birds we feed)
• finishing a really difficult project (on time) and knowing confidently - I can do difficult & well.
• youtube videos (keeping me company while I work) -  new brain science goodness x 2 here & here
• every Friday business ladies ;-) lunches at Inn the Elms with the fabulous Mary P
29 Black Street Film Festival started Friday night - movies borrowed from our library - held in celebration of a month long bit of madness finished and finished well - hip hip hooray !
--- Friday May 9th - Captain Phillips - 9.5/10 - near perfect - edge of your seat thrilling & a fantastic ending
--- Saturday May 10th - Gravity - 5/10 - what was the fuss about, must've been the 3D glasses - tres corny we thought
--- Sunday May 11th - Nebraska - 9/10 -  spare, authentic, poignant + gorgeous cinematography
--- Monday May 12th - Inside llewyn Davis - 5.5/10 - beautifully filmed but I couldn't stop worrying about the cat(s)
--- Tuesday May 13th - Dallas Buyers Club - 9/10 - I had a good friend die of AIDS in the late 80's who was on AZT
• & of course cats, dogs & handsome Princes

Would love to hear about your favourite cheap thrills ;-)

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes then you are: making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself & changing your world. Neil Gaiman


  1. Gorgeous photos as always dear Susan.
    I love chenille, I had a snugly yellow bedspread for years which I could not bear to part with, I have a newer lavender one now which the kitties love and own. I love 'cheap thrills' too I have found many treasures in discount shops, I love linens, shabby chic items, old crockery, too many items to mention here.
    The intricate pattern painted in sepia ink and small brush is just so beautiful, gosh your eyes must be tired from such close attention to the details, amazing dear Susan. I am so excited about seeing the finished project.
    Love and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I love the photo of Itty Bitty Betty standing on the rocks. I wonder what she is thinking?
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Greetings sweet Dianne & itty bitty Betty, your god cat sends her love.

    She is such an amazing little character. She's has a huge crush on Miss D and insists on following us on our walks (but does not follow the Prince & young Samuel ?). Doug and I spent a good portion of yesterday outside working in the garden/yard and Betty assisted both of us constantly, performing the occasional high speed zoom around or up a tree - she's quite a climber.

    I think while standing on the rocks by the oceans edge Betty might be contemplating a life at sea, a ship's mouser life - which trust us she would be very good at. She does love to kill things - I've ordered her a red tartan break away collar with a large bell, we're hoping that it might tame the carnage - yikes.

    much love from all xoxo Susan + gang

  4. ps. It sounds like you would love our local Emporium of Vintage Goodness - they have everything !! ;-)

  5. such stunning photos again today! here in the states we have goodwill and thrift shops galore and i love to find cheap little thrills there. i have a weakness for glass items but also enjoy buying skirts or tops on the cheap. i'm finding i'm much more comfy sitting at my desk at work all day in a skirt instead of jeans or khakis. i loved nebraska which had me laughing out loud one minute and then crying the next. dallas buyers club was exceptionally well-acted and pushed my comfort zone way back. the detail on your huge hand-painted piece is stunning. and that sepia ink - swoon!

  6. That intricate drawing impresses me to no end... are you deliberately drawing coffee beans??? That's what it looks like to me and must be why I like it so much.
    Cheap thrills: a big pot of black coffee, a stack of library books, a cat on my lap, napping with said cat under a handmade quilt, birds at the feeder. A tiny life indeed, very satisfying.
    Love your list.

  7. Itty Bitty Betty sounds like great company and very entertaining with her zooming and climbing. It is lovely that she has a crush on Missy D, how sweet, probably because Winnie is such a gentle dog.
    I have had many cats over the years, one in particular would like to help me in the garden, such great company.
    Yes, I am sure I would love your Emporium of Vintage Goodness, you can always find something unusual and beautiful in these shops.
    Love to you, Doug and all of Les Gang.
    xoxoxo ♡


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