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Saturday, May 24, 2014

'tis the season - hooray !! / Winnie Dixon, Samuel & Itty Bitty in the back garden / oh my geranium / Creative Director Oliver working hard from his harbour view office / tuna melt & a petite salad with pea shoots - yum / Samuels' big dig under the picnic table / pretty pale pink tulip / I ♡ gardening & tall glasses of summertime ice tea / citrus green creeping Jenny / Sam & Betty / magnolia blossom

Hey ! we're back to regular scheduled programming here at 29 Black Street !
thank you all so much for the lovely supportive comments on my Starbucks project post.
Happy, Happy Weekend to all !


  1. Trying to comment for the third time. CONGRATULATIONS indeed!!

    Did that asparagus patch ever produce?

    Hopefully to Suzi Q XOX

  2. Looks like Miss Betty posed for the cat grass packet. Happy planting!

  3. Starbucks ? Clearly I missed a post. I better go back and check.

    BTW, I covet your garden.

  4. Gorgeous photos of Miss Winnie, Sam, Itty Bitty Betty and your flowers, the tulip is so pretty.
    Oliver needs his rest, it must be hard work looking that handsome all of the time, he is beautiful.
    lobe and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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