29 Black Street for SALE

Friday, January 9, 2015

the street view of 29 Black Street a quiet street very near the harbour / Winnie Dixon and her biggest fan Itty Bitty Betty in part of the huge double lot with  / the ocean, this beautiful boardwalk & Eaton Park are steps away from the front door (139 steps to the ocean) / Miss Winnie D checking out the little raised bed veggie garden / & the beautiful renovated 3 seasons sunporch with original windows and new cedar shingles

it's with a heavy heart, filled to the brim with bittersweet that I create this post advertising the selling of Beautiful 29 Black Street - please pass this link along to anyone you know who's looking for a beautiful home by the sea. Merci my friends !!

many more details here & at www.brickcottage.ca


  1. It is a gorgeous house. The eventual new owners will love it, I'm sure, but no one will be as good to this house as Doug, you, and your gang have been. It comes with an ocean of good memories.

  2. It's so hard, selling a beloved home! But someone out there will buy it, and free you and Doug to create another home to love..... I do hope it doesn't take as long as mine did, but that it will be just as well worth the emotional upheaval in the end. As I was to hear and read so many, many times during my two years of preparing/selling/disappointment/selling and buying: fingers crossed for you! x

  3. I'm sure it will be the perfect home for someone out there. (I pinned your house picture with the address/link.) Best of luck!

  4. I am sure that having fallen in love with Lunenburg will help each the transition and the sale. It is a lovely place but must confess that I'd rather be in Lunenburg than Pugwash.

  5. Wonderful photos, especially that of Winnie and Itty Bitty Betty. The house is beautiful, sitting in the expansive garden you have both created and so close to the ocean. Doug has done a great job with the sunporch. I hope anyone who lives here will pick up on the vibes of love and happiness which must still echo within the soul of this 'home'.
    Much love and best of luck with the sale dear Susan!
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Your lovely home will be found and appreciated by some lucky souls. I, for one, will miss your posts and beautiful photographs of Pugwash - unique and raw in it's beauty. (Maybe you'll tire of the fog and tourism in Lunenburg..?

  7. 29 Black Street is a beautiful property and one I would love to own and live in. I wish it were in my neck of the woods. If it wouldn't be such an undertaking, I believe I would buy it and move to NS! Only problem is it is way too far from home for me to go alone!!


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