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Monday, January 19, 2015

a few scenes from my recent travels around Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. 
Let your tears water 
the seeds of your future happiness. 
Steve Maraboli

I'm sorry I've been so absent. I wanted to leave the 29 Black Street For Sale post up as long as possible - I, we need to sell that beautiful place as fast as possible so that we can settle into our next beautiful place ... me & the Gang. 

I find I can't think back at all anymore. I can't look back. It makes me feel sad or something that feels too much like sadness. I've always had that quirk in my character - I love moving forward. I'm ready to move forward. This blog represents the past to me, these much cherished archives of words & a zillion photos, this net of memory & love will move with us, & stay ... hopefully forever. 

I'm moving to my Susan Black Design blog. I've already begun posting my daily sketchbook explorations & by Feb 01 I hope to have completed the official move - a brand new look, more stuff, a side bar filled with bits & pieces and of course, the link to this amazing place & all the archives. 29 Black Street - oh my, such a giant chunk of my life. But  ... I am so very excited about my present and my future in this new lovely place.

What's past is prologue, 
and the world awaits. 
Lisa Mantchev

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  1. It's hard living in the past and the future. Until your house sells a piece of you will still be there. Keep enjoying Lunenburg and looking forward. Don't spend too much time looking back ...Consider yourself hugged.

  2. I hope the house sells soon so that you and the gang can all move on into your new lives.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Ok so you re changin blogs. I was wondering with the name being your old place, etc. I so love that name and all you;ve posted over there-- a true treasure trove of life's xp's but yes, I do totally understand the need to and desire to move forward. Looking back, while seeing happy times, also invariably has its share of sorrows. I am so that way too--def one of my quirks as you call it. I love though how you are excited to move forward and I wiill move to your new design blog right along with you. Both Alex and i will. You can't lose us that quickly. Just add us to your virtual "les gang" . :)

  4. BTw, soooo love your old home. If only we could move there. Too far from the kids for the long haul but oh how dreamy it would be. :) In fact, i was showing your photos of the old adn new place to my oldest son (he's 20) and his Lao girlfriend. They were so impressed with its loveliness. In fact, ha, they wished too we could buy it but for now it;s still rental land for us. Best of luck to you guys though, Susan. I hope the right person or people move into 29 Black Street so it ca n be duly cherished for many more decades to come.


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