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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hi I'm Susan & I am a mistake maker
2013 & 2014 were full of mistakes for me ...

Missteps, fumbles, tumbles, crashes, hard knocks, rude awakenings & more. I'm not afraid to try something new and try in a very good (bold, persistent, experimentation) way much of the time and sometimes I'm not afraid to try in a really reckless, careless, self-sabotaging way and I've experienced an assortment of all of the above over the last two years.

Stumbling across this great Neil Gaiman quote yesterday seemed a very perfect way to wave goodbye to both of those years 2013 & 2014.  To say a happy goodbye and to also acknowledge, with tremendous gratitude, the many, many big life lessons that came from that time. Gifts, I can see now with my hindsight glasses on - gifts wrapped up with a big bow of grace.

You will only fail to learn 
if you do not learn from failing. Stella Adler

All the bad emotions that clung with those lessons - anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, indignation, worry & doubt (especially self doubt) - have now with time transformed magically into a layer of frosting. I love frosting. Once you've run ahead of them a distance, far enough that you can look back, you realize they're not chasing you anymore. Only then can you stop, reflect and wave goodbye to them ... whispering thank you under your breath.

& finally my good buddy Winston ... he sure said lots of very wise things. Happy New Year to all !

Success is stumbling from failure to failure

with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill


  1. Great quotes dear Susan, inspiring and a great way to experience life. We will all no doubt make mistakes this year. it is what we learn from them which is important.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Susan, first off, Happy New Year to you and les gang!

    While I'm not sure I can wish you a year of mistakes, especially when it might come to love and relationships, I do hope for us all it is an eventful, or more so, PRODUCTIVE/FRUITFUL year!

    I love what you say here: "gifts wrapped up with a big bow of grace" and recognise this in my own life too: "you realize they're [bad emotions] not chasing you anymore." I myself may not be there all the way but yup, less chasing, as it were. Well put!

    I really hope this year that I make the time to visit you more instead of so periodically where I have to then scroll back through dozens of posts to get a sense of where you are. Your work deserves more time to really absorb it. And now, in a new locale and such a beautiful one too.


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