another walk with us

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

from the top of the bayberry & wild rose pasture

nearing our turn around spot at the big rock

a giant log at the bottom of the grassy lane - we sit here awhile each morning

if you squint your eyes what a lovely impressionist landscape this would be

and there's my girl Winn, she has a new scarf with roses on it

The sky outside my window this morning looks like a bruise, dark blues and greys with patches of light and gold. There's rain in the forecast and possible thunder showers. And you know that's fine by me. My big fat Nessie has arrived at my desk for his morning lovin' so it's difficult to type as he has his 25lb black velvet body draped between me and my keyboard. Don't you love it when cats forget to put their tongues back in and they sit or lie looking silly with their pink tongues sticking out. Oops he's biting me .. I guess that's my cue.


  1. I'll take a lovely walk with you any morning. Amazing walk pictures, as always. :)

  2. Yes, I do love it when cats forget to put their tongue back in.Unfortunately my husband told me I looked just like that when I was in the final throes of an exhausting labour with a mask over my face, head lolling about.Mercifully, the gas will do that for you and guess what?After that comment I figured I needed to squeeze his hand extra extra tight during contractions!Jokes aside, I love your beautiful walks and divine photography.Thank you for sharing your wonderful environment.

  3. Your pictures look so peaceful. You are lucky you have such beautiful scenery surrounding you.

  4. Simply gorgeous. You're surrounded by such beauty, and yet I can understand the desire to live somewhere slightly more urban.


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